Welcome to our first edition of 2024, where we embrace the absence of a theme and where our writers have explored a wide range of topics, each piece a unique expression of creativity. From musings to poetry to philosophies, every article stands as a testament to the diverse interests and talents of our writers. So, join us as we embark on this journey, where we ensure you’ll be presented with a variety of interesting perspectives and narratives, inviting you to think, question, and engage with the world around you.


Here we stand, embarking on our inaugural yet final journey as editors, determined not to succumb to the temptation of mundane monologues or dreary reviews. No, this edition demands finesse, the tender touch one reserves for a newborn kitten. From delving into existential crises to exploring philosophies, kMITRA has traversed a captivating array of topics in this edition. Cue drum rolls, bandwagons and claps please.


Ananya’s article ‘The Curse of Mediocrity’ started off as a walk to get a sandwich and turned into an eye opening take on wanting cheeseburgers. Not literally though, it shifts into a more complex narrative on what you strive to be and what you want to be. Aditya’s deep take on ‘The Tapestry of Life’ offers a captivating exploration of fate, weaving together mythology and philosophical reflection.


Harika’s scrumptious article ‘Authentic food: more than just ingredients’ on the authenticity of food is what every foodie would appreciate. It’s a blend of appreciation of culture and history, and includes recipes and stories passed from generation to generation.


Harshith’s article ‘The Price of Conflict and the Weight of Sin’ takes you on a very interesting journey of self-discovery as it travels through a man’s journey as a soldier in war, and shows the emotional toll it takes on a person to endure the violence that has to be committed, to prevail in war. Jishnu’s gritty article ‘Psychos on Duty’ is an exciting one for everyone who likes adventure, crime, and violence in their stories.


Nikhil’s inventive take on ‘Memology’ pokes through the inception of memes. Prajwal’s informative article ‘A Tribute to ICE Cars’, professing his love for Internal Combustion Engines and automobiles is a must-read for all the petrolheads passing through.


Sai Krishna’sWhy kMITRA’ is an ode to all of us here at kMITRA. It beautifully captures the essence of kMITRA, through his subjective experience. Sanjay’s hot take on the ‘Woke Culture’ phenomenon is an in-depth analysis on the subject, which will be sure to grab your attention.


Shriani’s article ‘Why is love different from other emotions?’ offers a thoughtful exploration of love that goes beyond clichés, delving into its intricacies. She tackles the subject of love, by analysing it objectively but also including an opinionated perspective, giving it a wholesome touch.


Shuja’s article ‘Deciphering Norman’s Mind’ explores Alfred Hitchcock’s popular movie, Psycho. It unpacks the film’s lasting impact, from the shower scene that redefined horror to the complex portrayal of mental illness that continues to be relevant even today.


Siri Karra’s poem ‘Seven Shades of Brown’ poignantly reflects on the allure of human connection and the beauty found in the eyes of another. And Sreekruthi’s nostalgic memories about Numaish, entices the reader and excites them with the colorful flashes of their own experiences in the mayhem amidst the organized chaos.


Vardaan’s article ‘The Millionaire Dream‘ really perfectly summaries the average teenagers’ outlook towards easy money and is an interesting review of the “get rich quick” schemes people sell. It examines the exploitation of young teenage dreamers to make themselves financially independent through deceptive “get rich quick” schemes.


Finally, Siri Chandan’sAll Eyes Off Her’ explores the impact of isolation and unchecked behavior, highlighting the tragic consequences of not confronting harmful actions around us through a personal narrative. It deals with themes like loneliness, lost connections, and moral responsibility.


As we draw the curtains on this edition, which marks our final stint as editors and as members of this “not a club”, it holds a profound significance in our hearts. While bidding farewell is bittersweet, we find solace in the knowledge that our time spent crafting articles, engaging in brainstorming sessions, growing as writers and nurturing the growth of fellow writers has been an enriching experience. As we pass the torch to the next wave of writers, we do so with eager anticipation for the adventures that await us all. We aren’t despondent that this journey came to an end, but excited to start a new chapter in our lives. We’re grateful for everyone who is part of this brilliant team. Here’s to new beginnings and the countless stories yet to unfold. Happy reading!

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