Each person does see the world in a different way. There is not a single, unifying, objective truth. We’re all limited by our perspective.
– Siri Hustvedt


It is a beautiful thing in a way that, all of us have unique perspectives, but in order to see the world in a new way, we must be willing to change our own. Accepting that our own perspective is limited by our frame of reference, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, is a very difficult thing to do. Our view of things is ours alone and can’t possibly contain all the information about any given subject.

Discussions are the key to expanding our perspectives. Even when we disagree, there is always something we can learn from each other. Sometimes all it takes is an ember of an idea to burn down our pre-existing ideologies. And what rises from these ashes is a much more aware self.

We at kMITRA bid adieu to the batch of 2022 and welcomed 11 new writers to our team. Our new writers have a diverse lineup of articles waiting for you. We hope these pieces expand your perspective.

Meghna’s article “Women vs Women” – Ugly concept of Indian television shows takes a closer look at Indian television and how they’ve shaped the outlook towards progressive women.

Ever wondered how convenient it would be if time travel was a reality? “But when you think about it” by Manasa is going to make you think about that again. And again. And possibly again.

Read into a tale of romance in today’s life and how it ties into the current state of the streaming industry from “Love Contract” by Nita.

Nameera’s “The Line” gets into the details of the flagship city of the mind-boggling NEOM project proposed to reduce Saudi Arabia’s reliance on oil and diversify its economy.

The collision of the corporate world with the pandemic has thrown the act of moonlighting into the spotlight. Rutam’s “Moonlighting- Double Money, Double Risk” delves deeper into the practice of moonlighting and gives us a unique perspective with regard to its legality.

When was the last time you held the hand of a loved one and truly comprehended how it felt? Are you still awkward about giving your loved ones a hug? Eshaan’s “The Human Touch” reminds us all about the essence of the human touch and its significance.

You finally convinced your parents about the trip. The difficult part is done. What could go wrong? Azhar has quite the story to tell with his “Happy Photographs”.

We all have times when we battle with our own demons. Nivedita’s “A Silent Plea” is a memoir of the times when these demons win, and a reminder for all of us to get help.

What happens if you reveal something that the government doesn’t want you to? Learn about one of the largest and darkest data leaks in modern history, and how, it’s whistleblower Jullian Assange is battling for justice in Afifa’s “Who Watches The Watchmen ?”.

What makes a joke funny? Who gets to decide if a joke was funny? And who gets to decide if you are going to bear the brunt of cancel culture? Hopefully, Siri’s “Are we bad people” gives us some insight.

Insanity and Isolation. They feed off each other. Read into a short story about isolation and freedom by Manognya in “Trompe l’oeil”.

Want to know about the “Amazon of drug sites” and how this entire empire toppled? Nikhil’s “Silk Road: Ebay’s Illegal Twin” is going to give you all the details. Along the topic of online shopping, as long as you’re not trying to buy something illegal, you should read Shuja’s “How to get scammed on an online marketplace” to become better at getting scammed.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s story is the latest addition to Netflix’s lineup of true crime stories. Read into how Shreya feels about it in “Dahmer – A Review”.

How would it feel to be a part of an exploration group that saves people from tribes that believe in Human Sacrifice? Read into the tale of such a group in 1854 and their adventures with an Indian tribe in “The Vivisection of Lily Jones” by Venkat.

Harika’s article “Art and Emotion” elaborates on the relationship between the two and how art has impacted and shaped our emotions. Along the topic of art impacting lives, Ananya’s article “The Reel of Upbringing” describes her journey with cinema and how it has shaped our upbringing.

Gender roles are a thing of the past. Or are they? Sanjay’s “The Crux of Gender Identity” addresses these issues of patriarchy in our current scenario.

Uruj’s gripping short story “Neopolitan Nightmare” will have you puzzled right until the end. And when the end does come, we promise that it will make your eyes go wide.

Grab a seat, a warm cup of coffee, or your favorite drink of choice, and unwind. Sit down for this one and be prepared to have your perspectives challenged.

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