Another academic year has gone by and the end semester exams are almost upon us. For some of us, these exams will be last ones we’ll be writing in our college life. The academic year 2017-18 has been one whirlwind of a year. You can read all about it in Nimisha’s article, This year at KMIT (A Recap). Did you know KMIT  is conducting cooking classes? Well, now you do. The article, Culinary for a change, by Chandana, is a first-hand account of this recent development.

There are fandoms everywhere. Some of these fandoms intersect. For example, there are lots of people who like Harry Potter and  F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Did you ever stop to think how it would be if both these worlds collide? Look no further than F.R.I.E.N.D.S- The one with the Weasleys, by Abhay for a taste of the same.

Can we interest you in some stories this edition? The Perpetual Bond, by Mahathi, is a heart-warming story of siblings going through tough times. No? In the mood for a sci-fi thriller? Here’s Tab: Prolog, by Bharath. Still no? Well, Am I wrong? by Madhurima might be just the story you’re looking for.  If not stories, how about poetry? Black is the new Red is a poem by Purva.

Tired of going where the current takes you? Break free from the chains of monotonousness and be a YouTuber! YouTube- a career choice, an article by Meeta not only elaborates on this offbeat career path but also gives some great YouTuber suggestions you can look up and follow.

The exams will be over soon and then comes the vacation and with it, blistering heat. So instead of spending half your days thinking about what to do and not doing anything, try watching Anime. Vaishnavi has a few good recommendations for Anime beginners in her article Anime-a world less ordinary. Or, if you are not tone-deaf, try considering songwriting as a new hobby. Nikhilesh, in his article A Guide For Perfect Songwriting, elaborates on what it takes to compose a perfect song.

The concept of remakes in the Indian film industry is not new and with the remake of the hit song ‘Ek Do Teen…’ taking up screen and column space, Bhoomi, in her article Lights! Camera! Remake! writes about remakes and reboots and the subtle difference between the two and also lists a few remakes and reboots and how they were received.

India is a land of myths and superstitions. You believe in them, you are ‘not cool’ and you don’t believe in them, you are a cynic and border-line atheist. Read Superstitions vs Reality by Shreya, for more. For this edition, we have restaurant and movie reviews. Verónica,  apparently the scariest movie on Netflix, is reviewed by Radhika in her article Something Dark, Something Verónica. Dialogue in the dark is an unorthodox restaurant here in Hyderabad, at the Inorbit Mall. Experiencing a world of darkness is a review of the same by Ambica.

Of all the articles we have this time, Period grew a leg is an interesting one in which Pratish explores the relationship between the semicolon (;) and mythology. Sravya writes about dark matter in her article The big fat cosmic quest.

Meghalaya- a wonderland of names, by Aishwarya Gokhale is a fun read. We also have an article on Childhood memories by Snehitha, in case you need nostalgia to kick you in the stomach.

To all those people out there who visit temples right before the exams, Suraj has a list of Interesting places of worship. Maybe consider going to these places next time before the exams and see if miracles happen. Shivani’s article, Children of God: The sins of divinity is about the famous cult that started in California as The Family International but later, changed to Children of God. Ashketh writes about the US-China trade wars and what India should do.

This is our last edition for this academic year and it has the final contributions from members of the graduating batch. Good luck to them. Also, our team has put in a lot of effort into this edition. Hope you like it!

Graduating Team

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