“Types of friends to be with”, searched the 15-year-old girl. A recent video release of her favourite YouTuber. And her 20-year-old brother stood perplexed, thinking why she didn’t ask him instead, only to shoot the entire scene and upload his YouTube video. “Sisters these days…”

What is it about YouTube that keeps us so tuned to it? What makes us so keen to watch and upload videos?

Imagine a world where you could go to work and won’t have to do the same thing every day, a world where you could just be yourself, where you could share your story to everyone and people would truly listen to you. You could share what you know and learn the things you don’t. The best part? You can earn!

This is the YouTube world. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? Be it for the cheesecake recipe or for the last-minute exam preparation tutorials, be it the recent movie trailer release or the vlogs for entertainment, we enjoy our time as a viewer; and as for the creators who have chosen it as a profession, they get to do what they like, they get to follow their heart. Viewer or creator, either way, we are all a part of this huge family where all of us subscribe to each other’s stories, hit a like for the content we truly enjoy and follow the content that interests us the most.

All of us are viewers but if you are thinking of taking a step ahead as a creator, you are on the way to becoming one of the coolest people on the earth. For being a creator or I would rather say a YouTuber, neither  do you  have to give an entrance exam, nor is there is a requirement for you to  to be certain inches tall and be completely fit, you do not need any expensive equipment, no HD cameras and above all you do not require people telling you what you can’t and can do. All you need is a phone (or any device which could capture a video), a good internet connection and a story you want to share with the world.

Many YouTubers say that YouTube has given them a platform to showcase their talents, they are really happy to be associated with it and have termed YouTube as their life saviour. Proof? Do check the artists below, these are the ones who I look up to.

Lily Singh AKA Superwoman, started off as a miserable person, she used YouTube as her platform to spread happiness across the globe with her peppy talk and of course her sense of humour. Her exuberance about each and everything in life is truly commendable. I absolutely love her book, ‘How To Be A Bawse‘ and would definitely recommend you to read it. I am fascinated by her perception towards life and the thing I like about her the most is her response to negative comments. I would recommend you to watch her videos especially -‘How to make a sandwich‘, ‘A geography class for racist people‘ and ‘Make up tutorial’. Don’t go by the titles of the videos, let the video speak for itself, I am sure you will like it.

Casey Neistat is another amazing person. He wanted to become a filmmaker but the world told him he couldn’t and now he is a victorious filmmaker, a wonderful Youtuber and goes around doing things with his motto “Do what you can’t”. He has changed the way people vlog and has set up a high standard. His recent initiatives taken by interviewing the YouTube heads after Logan Paul’s controversy make him one of the YouTube’s most vocal critics and shows how concerned he is about his YouTube family. If there is anyone who embodies living your life doing all that you love, it would be Casey Neistat.

If you have grown up watching M.A.D on pogo and feel a pang in your heart for not being associated with it anymore, subscribe to MadstuffwithRob on YouTube. I recently found him on YouTube and it feels so good to watch the art videos after ages. Thanks to YouTube for helping me get in touch with my childhood favourite show. Rob considers YouTube as a blessing and uses it as a platform to popularise his art and make people happy.

If you feel like a fish out of the water while attending the pre-recruitment training, if you feel the 9-6 job isn’t your thing, don’t panic. Hobbies are always there to the rescue. You can always be a Youtuber.

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