We didn’t realize that we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.

Finally, I’m done with my shopping and reach home completely exhausted. “You did your shopping alone, again?” asked Mom, definitely not happy. “I’m not a kid anymore!” I answered, leaving the hallway. Leaning on my bed, I stare at the ceiling and when I turn around, I find my class photograph from my fourth grade lying on the floor. As I get up to pick it up, a faint smile curves my lips and I start sinking into the memories.

I still remember those days when I used to hold my Mom’s hand in the mall, asking her to buy all the stupid things because they were so attractive, telling her that I wouldn’t leave the shop until she bought what I asked for, abandoning them soon after out of boredom. Getting excited easily and getting bored quickly was common back then.

I still miss those times, pretending to fall asleep on the couch so that my dad would carry me to bed. I still remember how I used to tease my sister for swallowing fruit seeds and then telling her that trees would now start growing inside her little tummy. Silly, isn’t it? Video games would become my best friends during vacations; I remember restarting the game whenever I knew  I was going to lose, having potato chips and using the controller with the same greasy hands, removing the connection to the controller with which my siblings played.

Every first day of a new academic year was the most exciting day. Waking up early and getting ready for a new class was kind of exhausting but I do miss that rush for sure. My school project would become my mom’s toughest task, not because of the subject’s difficulty but because of my dissatisfaction with whatever she helped me do. Getting dirty and coming home and taking a bubble bath would be my favourite daily routine.

Now? Now I barely have time for a quick shower. Those were the days when we used to pass time without texting. Those were the days when the library used to be our Google. Those were the days when the cartoons were the only things we watched on the television. Those were the days when we used to sing all the songs of our favourite shows perfectly.

Wasn’t it a lot more peaceful back then when the only routine had was school, cartoons, playing in the mud and getting rebuked for ruining our clothes? Sure, it was! And if you were thinking about your childhood throughout this, and if it made you smile at least once, you surely miss those days more than you know!

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