Hero or villain? a sonic journey

Consider playing the following sequence of images in your mind: Cold air whooshing against your face, the night is restless as it groans with promises of sinister forces at work. You’re standing on the top floor of your lavish headquarters,… Continue Reading →

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A Revolution dies, and Rock Music is born

What is common to a mullet-wielding, neon-donning 1980s American teenager and their Persian contemporary living in obscurity, confined in the clutches of Ayatollah Khomeini’s reign? Hint: it starts with ‘rock’ and ends with ‘music’. In 1979, at the heels of… Continue Reading →

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A Guide For Perfect Songwriting

Songwriting is a very difficult art. Given a set of lyrics, most of us could make a tune out of it and call it a song. Some people take years to make an album like the maestro AR Rahman did… Continue Reading →

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Bruno Mars On a Roll!

Peter Gene Hernandez, ever heard this name? No? Okay, Bruno Mars, this name? Yes? So, Peter Gene Hernandez is a person who is professionally called Bruno Mars. Why is Bruno Mars an article today?  This man has been unbelievable, for… Continue Reading →

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Grammys 2018 – Kendrick Lamar Part 2

In my earlier article, I’d spoken about the album DAMN by Kendrick Lamar and this is a continuation of that article.  Best Rap Song, Music Video and Performance In this article I’d like to dissect the ‘Best Rap Song’ and… Continue Reading →

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Grammys 2018 – Kendrick Lamar Part 1

Rap music from the past decade comes off to be all about the clothes, the cars, the money, the expensive toys, the big mouths, the women and the bling. Although this notion is certainly true even till today, there comes… Continue Reading →

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Autotuning Talent

We’ve all seen Mr. Khan singing perfectly in tune and many of us are fans of the recent single of his. We’ve heard a lot of critics tell us that it’s autotuned. Ever wondered what exactly this is? Autotune is… Continue Reading →

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About Four Liverpudians.

                          It was 1960 when the world was recovering from the magic that Elvis Presley had left before his hiatus and little did the people know that there… Continue Reading →

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