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Decoding the grand design of the Universe

Have you ever wondered why anything exists? When we think about what created life, planets, galaxies, or the entire Universe; or who is the ultimate creator of everything, an answer one might reach is that the creator might have created “it”-self…. Continue Reading →

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The Perversion of “Propaganda”

“Propaganda” in present-day English, refers to information or media (especially of biased or misleading nature) that is used to manipulate the audience to further an agenda. If you hear the word propaganda, it immediately alerts you to look out for… Continue Reading →

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The Outsiders

Imagine if you were to fall, fall apart at the seams, be another brick on the wall, and give up on your dreams. Blindly going along, you’d be gasping for air, battling what’s right and wrong, thinking life’s not fair…. Continue Reading →

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Rosy Retrospection

As you read this, picture yourself back in the 1970s. You would be getting ready to catch your college bus as golden rays light up your open veranda. Your grandpa would be strolling on the balcony reading the newspaper. Everyone… Continue Reading →

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Airplane Mode

 Ping! Sound familiar?  That’s the sound I woke up to every day, ever since I got my first mobile phone at thirteen. Of course, technology has come a long way. But at least I did not have to ask a… Continue Reading →

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Suicide – from an evolutionary perspective

**Trigger Warning – This Piece discusses suicide and some people might find that disturbing/triggering. You’re requested to proceed with caution. If you go by the most common method of suicide, hanging, you will lose consciousness in 5 to 15 seconds…. Continue Reading →

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A Head Full Of Dreams

In a world of change, the only thing constant is the effort to make a difference. While we all desire to be our finest selves, the path to being better is a rocky road. There are some days where we… Continue Reading →

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A Note to the Alive

As I take a stroll in the graveyard observing my funeral, I find a few crying and the other meticulously bored by the doings. Yet it feels so light, death actually took away the pain of my congenital disease. But… Continue Reading →

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What Makes A Survivor

Stories are written by the survivors. But what did they do to survive? How did they survive? And what stories do they have to offer? Now to understand a survivor we need to break them down first. See what they… Continue Reading →

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Living in Death’s Shadow

“Everybody knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently”. – Morrie Schwartz Consider a hypothetical situation wherein you know you’re going to die in a few days or months or years…. Continue Reading →

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Are You Living In An Imaginary World?

[Trigger Warning] The following article discusses mental health and excessive daydreaming, a psychiatric condition. Reader discretion is advised. We’re all daydreamers. Yes, life sucks. So we play pretend and use our imagination to immerse ourselves into a world that we… Continue Reading →

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Can Isolation Kill You?

The most basic essentials of human life have always been food, water, shelter, and clothing. It is believed that perfecting the supply chain of these four essentials is what has allowed us to evolve into the most dominant living being… Continue Reading →

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