Raghuram Tangirala

If I ask you to watch a show and you don't watch it, I'll be under your bed when you get home. personification of procrastination.we can talk about anything ranging from anime, memes, TV shows, people that you want to kill, suicide, basic human decency. (ok, maybe not the last one)

Suicide – from an evolutionary perspective

**Trigger Warning – This Piece discusses suicide and some people might find that disturbing/triggering. You’re requested to proceed with caution. If you go by the most common method of suicide, hanging, you will lose consciousness in 5 to 15 seconds…. Continue Reading →

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Understanding Akira

In any medium, there will always be a piece of work that will usher in a new age. It doesn’t have to be great; it doesn’t have to be good; it just has to be different. Something that can change… Continue Reading →

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A Dull and Colorful Expression

For as long as I could remember, I never had any artistic leanings. I listened to a lot of music, but was never interested in learning how to make songs; I read a lot of comics, but I never dared… Continue Reading →

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10 years of Anime

Dear subhumans Now that most of you have failed your new year’s resolutions and have lost faith in your life, I think it’s time to forget what a failure you are, by filling yourself with nostalgia from the last decade…. Continue Reading →

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Inside your head

[???]- “Here we have an organism in his natural habitat, staring at a blank screen in the darkroom desperately searching for things to write abou-” (Before he could continue the angry writer interrupted him.) [Writer]- “For the love of God,… Continue Reading →

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Why We Tell Stories

Greetings fellow hairless monkeys.  We, humans, have achieved a lot throughout the ages, we built ships to help us travel between continents, we invented medicine so that we don’t die of preventable disease just because your sister forgot to wash… Continue Reading →

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John was a prisoner of war and just like everyone else, he was fighting a war without knowing why it was being fought. He tried to remember why, but his memory was hazy. He could only remember the metallic taste… Continue Reading →

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Harry Potter: A story about magic which works on mystery

Before every Potterhead in a 400-mile radius starts planning a murder because I dared to use the words “Harry Potter” and “bad“ in the same sentence, I would like you to think of a reason why each of the Harry… Continue Reading →

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