kMITRA : Hey, our new edition is going to be the AI Edition, so could you please generate a gist of articles covering various topics and subtopics of AI,  personalized for each of our writers and their writing styles? Also, make sure to include a heartfelt farewell piece for the graduating batch of 2023 who will soon leave kMITRA!


ChatGPT : Certainly! Welcome to the 57th edition of kMITRA, where we embark on an immersive journey into the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence (AI). This edition is a celebration of technological advancement, innovation, and the remarkable potential AI holds for our future. We are thrilled to present a collection of articles that not only cover various topics and subtopics within AI but are also tailored to the unique writing styles of each of our talented writers. Additionally, we have included a heartfelt farewell piece dedicated to the graduating batch of 2023, who have contributed immensely to our e-magazine and are now ready to venture into new horizons.


Article 1: “Notion – Why you should use it” by Sanjay Agamamidi

If you want to customize your workflow and love being organized, this article is for you, Sanjay here presents a strong case for Notion and its AI tools.


Article 2: “Love 2023: AI Girlfriends/Boyfriends” by Sirichandan Reddy Anumandla

Do you crave companionship? AI companions are something you can use now, but Siri advocates against building unsustainable relationships with them. Find out more by reading on!


Article 3: “Ex – Machina” by Syed Uruj Ahmed

An intriguing review of the 2014 movie, “Ex – Machina” , Uruj discusses the possibility of a creation being much more advanced than the creator, and today, this fiction seems closer to reality than ever…


Article 4: “AI Art – Questioning Creativity?” by Harika Kolli

Harika talks about AI generated art, deep fakes, and plays the devil’s advocate in the argument of whether Generative AI will replace creative workers like artists.


Article 5: “Digital Immortality : The Age of AI Identity Theft” by Nikhil Guru

Imagine your favorite celebrity still posting even after they’ve passed away, weird? cool? or just straight up creepy? Read more to see Nikhil debate the adverse effects these practices might have on society.


Article 6: “The AI Riddled Future of Driving” by Syed Shujauddin Rafai

If you like cars or anything related to driving, this article is for you, Shuja tells us about the transmission wars and AI based driving assistance systems, read on to know more about the future of cars and driving!


Article 7: “A Shallow Dive into Synthetic Creativity ” by Manognya B

Are you a creative worker? And scared that AI will take away your job, Manognya’s read on further to find out how AI is assisting artists in creating art, music and literature.


Article 8: “Game Changers” by Ananya Perwala

Love sport and games and consider yourself highly competitive? Read on to find out more about the incorporation of AI in the field of sports and gambling!


Article 9: “ChatGPT: The double-edged sword of conversational AI” by Nameera Fatima

Nameera takes up the topic of ChatGPT, if you think ChatGPT is a know-it-all, and use it for everything, you might want to read more and find out its limitations.


Article 10: “To ai-nfinity and beyond” by Manasa Adusumilli

AI Wars! Sounds exciting to you? Won’t be exciting once you’re in the middle of one ;-;.

Read Manasa’s take on AI’s use in warfare and a possibility of guiding AI’s evolution in a right way.


Article 11: “Hot Birth, Cold Upbringing, Flaming Fate” by Venkat Denduluri

Venkat’s entertaining take on the history of AI, from its inception to its current renaissance will lead you to learn some fun facts and definitely enhance your knowledge on AI.


Article 12: “The Irrepressible Tomorrow” by Akshara Sri Ramoji

A short story by Akshara, painting a dystopian future of AI overlords taking control of the human race.


Article 13: “What’s So Artificial About Intelligence?” by Afifa Ahmed

Afifa takes us through a detailed overview on the journey of AI and its future, talking about its various applications, and a multitude of possibilities AI opens up for us.


Article 14: “Illusion Of Retribution” by Eshaan Sangyam

Eshaan leads you through an unsettling story of Mukesh getting trapped in a terrifying simulation.


Article 15: “The Journey of a Thousand Words” by The Team

Finally, we bid a heartfelt farewell to the graduating batch of 2023, who have been an integral part of kMITRA’s success. The team crafted a touching tribute, reminiscing about the milestones, memories, and the invaluable contributions made by these talented individuals. It serves as a reminder that their influence will forever be cherished within kMITRA’s history.



As we present this AI-themed edition, we invite you to immerse yourself in the vast possibilities and ethical considerations surrounding AI. From art to cars, gaming and sports to warfare, AI’s influence knows no bounds. We thank our graduating batch for their outstanding dedication and wish them success in their future endeavors. Enjoy the captivating articles within this edition.


Happy reading!

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