Love is like the world of the blind,

Just black, dark and tentative.

You see every detail

 through your soul.


You peep into yourself to see

the farthest of your future.

You see the sun in the night,

 A bed of roses blossom,

on a deserted land.


To not see but feel the beauty

is a boon,

not many receive,

not many understand.

You build a trust,

you risk the stay.


Now the black fascinates you,

but your mind is scared

for your dreams might shatter.

Your heart gives you

the courage

to believe in forever.


You don’t judge,

you never look back.

You walk towards eternity

with love by your side,

with love in your breath,

with love in your heart.


You give yourself

 to the darkness

not worrying about

what would happen next,

because what you feel at present,

is beyond beautiful.

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