I’m a person who can work only under stress. Before exams I procrastinate, one day before the exam I panic and don’t study. I look back and regret. How do I stayed focused? How do I motivate myself, constantly?                     – anonymous
Answer: I’m glad someone has asked that question, I share similar habits.
It’s the same with a lot of us but instead of procrastinate people panic, before the exams and they mug up or read whatever they can and write some rubbish on papers. But, let me tell you there’s no easy way to stay focused
Even if I try to answer this question just by giving some easy Steps I would be lying . Usually  hunger  drives people to do great things and helps stay focused on what they want to do.

It can be hunger for knowledge, hunger to become popular or hunger to do great things.

There’s no easy means of finding constant motivation unless you have a big dream which doesn’t let you sleep until you achieve it. So, instead of trying to stay focused or get motivated try to search for what’s your real goal that doesn’t let you sleep.

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