“I am absolutely fine”, she said in a smooth tone. “I know you are not fine! I know something is bothering you”, he said with an accented voice. “I am just being a tomboy, a manly girl”, she replied with a feigned smile. “But you are not a manly girl”, he said. “Really?” said she as she broke down.

‘Depression’, hides in a dark corner and swoops in covertly killing our inner peace and happiness. It makes one feel empty and stops one from leading a normal, active life. It all starts with a minor feeling of sadness and builds so strongly inside that it eventually prompts suicide. The statistics of people under depression seems to shoot each day. So let us all know what it is, let us identify how it affects teenagers.

The youth is a stressed-out generation. From acne on the face to handling the drama of their friends, everything feels damn stressful and too much to handle. Academic pressure, peer- pressure and the pressure of surviving in the digital competition adds to their anxiety and stress. Social media clearly wins in this blame game of causing depression in teens. It deprives us of the reality and social life by trapping us in the false pleasures of maintaining a digital status. It’s high time for us to disconnect.

Few people are not expressive. They do not share how hopeless and empty they feel. Many do not consult a psychiatrist, thanks to the typical Indian society, which takes a very dim view of the whole concept of consulting a psychiatrist. People have at least realized it is real. Just knowing its real does not help. When someone reaches out to you and tells you, they are going through a low phase, show empathy and be supportive. Because the only way it can be cured is through mental support. Try to understand what is troubling him before trying to solve his problem. All you need to do is listen and lend a helping hand. Try being compassionately curious with the person. If he denies being upset, ask him again. If you think something is wrong with the person, just don’t pity his life. Have a heart to help him survive his bad times. Hold their hand if they feel feared and alone. Remember, YOU can make a difference and save a person’s life.

To all the people in depression, you are not alone! We know your struggle is real. Everybody goes through a low phase in life. Events take a nasty turn sometimes. Ending your life is not the solution. In fact, suicide is not at all an option to make a choice. Only option you have is to be strong, pull yourself together and be the hero of your story. Open up! Reach out to people who you know will not judge you. You will definitely feel better if you share. Rediscover happiness and peace by doing something you enjoy-be it travelling, munching your favourite food, taking your pet out for a walk or simply talking to your loved ones. We know it’s a long way out but you will definitely make it.
Life’s perfectly described in the quote “Ships don’t sink because of the water around them. Ships sink when the water gets inside them. So don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down. “Always have a positive aura and do not give up. Have patience. Things will fall in place! Slowly but definitely life will get better. Happiness is always around the corner. Never lose faith. Never give up!

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