7th March 2020, for anyone, might seem like just any other day but not for us KMITians. The most anticipated event of our college, the KMIT evening, was held on the 7th. A beach day with friends can never go wrong so KMIT decided to bring the beach to us. Since it was a beach-themed event it was aptly renamed as KMIT Shore.

The event began at 3:00 pm with fun activities hosted by various clubs like treasure hunt, open mic, arm wrestling, and a pen fight. At around 4:30 pm, students started to come in bubbling with excitement for the performances that were lined up for the day. Everyone swapped their food passes for snacks and settled down to enjoy the beach party with dance, music, and laughter. We were also given colorful radium wrist bands that adorned each student’s wrists further brightening up the night.

The event kicked off with a skillful performance by our KMIT yoga team which left the audience in awe. Next up was the prize distribution for the sports competitions which were conducted earlier this year.

Aalap, Mudra, and Abhinaya, respectively the music, dance, and drama clubs joined hands to showcase their talents and entertain the audience.

There were eight musical performances that had melodious singing as well as instrumental performances and of course, great energy throughout. The songs ranged from high energy songs to melodious ones both of which left the crowd mesmerized. The rap along with the beatboxing was exceptional too.

The dance performances were the heart and soul of the event. The crowd was hyped during all the eight dance performances. The performers had the entire audience cheering and dancing with them.

The multilingual one-act play about a fisherman from Mumbai was captivating and amusing. Even the hosts of the event kept us entertained and excellently handled the crowd.

The whole set up of the stage along with the lighting and the backdrop of college as a beach felt amusing.

The art club of KMIT-Aakarshan came forward and created vibrant and amazing photo booths to match the theme of the evening. The crowd was thrilled to take pictures with the handmade boat and shark-like photobooth.

Refreshments like mojitos, ice-creams, milkshakes, wraps and macaroons were available for everyone. There was also a stall for temporary tattoos which saw a lot of excited students.


As night fell, the college was beautifully lit with colorful LED lights which enhanced the stage and the ambience was truly a sight to look at. Overall, the event turned out to be a grand success. The organizing committee outdid themselves to give us a memorable evening.


images credits : Traces of Lenses, photography club of KMIT

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