This restaurant is a treat to every one who loves food and nature. You can enjoy the serene ambience around you while having great food. This cafe cum studio scored big in no time, reason being that it takes you from noisy Hyderabad to beautiful Kerala the moment you step in.

It has got both outdoor and indoor seating. When I visited the place along with my friend for a Sunday brunch, we had to settle for the indoors(if you ever visit, ask for outdoors to get a real, fresh vibe). The current weather only adds more beauty to the place.

The weather called for a hot cappuccino, so we ordered one. It was okay. Then we ordered American breakfast after a long wait perhaps due to the crowd but we were served quite quick though. The sausages were good to go with the ketchup and the eggs were perfectly cooked. They forgot to serve the coffee which was to come along with the breakfast and that was where they lost their points in service.

For dessert, we had blueberry cheesecake which according to my friend(I love only chocolate desserts, no offence to blueberries) was yumm(maybe it was, I don’t know) and Bailey’s chocolate mousse, which was for me. The mousse was so soft and  perfect. I wish it had been more chocolatey. They hit the nail on the head with the plating.

There is an art studio with some excellent pieces of furniture, showcased in the cafe itself. It has a beautiful gallery, a nice way to kill your time . It is definitely worth a visit.

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img_2016-12-16_21-26-29_1481903816443At the end of the day, Elvis had to leave the building, right? All in all, it is a nice place to have a good chat with your close pals. I’d  definitely recommend this place as a one-time visit. No other place in the city has got an ambience like this one!

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