Welcome traveler, to my humble dwelling. Escape the unforgiving weather, quench your thirst and rest your back. Take a break from your great journey, for the path you have chosen, is a harsh one.

What is this place you ask? This is a magic shop. My magic shop. And you are a guest. My shop calls for you and you have come. Now all you need to do is take what you need.  Hmm… doesn’t look all that magical, you say? Don’t let its appearance fool you. This might look like an ordinary cottage, but it is far from being one. My home found you, and now you’ve found me… So come inside, I don’t bite!

Leave your worries and stress by the door with your shoes. You can pick them up when you leave. For now, you are free of everything that puts your mind in a state of unrest. You still seem confused. Don’t you know why you are here or what you want?  Maybe a tour will help…Shall we?

image credits: aeyolscaer

Here you go, have a drink first. I’ve added a few relaxing herbs. You look like you need it.

It already feels better, Doesn’t it?

Now, a note of warning. Don’t touch anything without asking; you wouldn’t want to accidentally turn yourself into a frog, would you? Let me warn you, it is quite unpleasant. Oh and mind your head, we are about to enter the main section of the magic shop.

Don’t look so judgmental, this is what it’s supposed to look like! Although I feel a little dusting is in order. It might look like a mess, but only to a stranger’s eyes. I know exactly where everything is…….I think. You see these shelves? They were built by some Viking sailors in return for a special enchantment that protects them during their voyages.

Resembles a library? Well, I did model it after one. Don’t wander off now, You can easily get lost in there.  You won’t believe the number of times I’ve stepped in for something and came back with something entirely different.

All these shelves hold jars of great power. There isn’t a thing in this universe that isn’t in my jars.  They are arranged such that they complement each other’s essence and powers. Or else the whole shop would be in a state of unease.

image credits: calimero

The first jar to your is for beginnings, it contains within it, tears of an angel, for birth. And beside it, is the heaviest jar of all, with fine sand and dust from experiences all around the world, It bears wisdom.

This small shiny one, contains shooting stars from all across the galaxy, for only the best of luck. Right on top of it, we have one with dandelions from the mountains of tomorrow, to fulfil wishes.

Put on these glasses before I show you the next one, it’s a little too bright for comfort. Liquefied tungsten to help pop ideas into your head. A little secret, every genius needs a bit of it.

There are many magical and non-magical items in these jars. Those with a magical origin need no additional enchantment, but those of mundane origin do.

Those strings in that jar below are from the ends of the most homely blankets, to give you a thread of comfort. Next to that are the locks of a lion’s mane dipped in the tears of a martyr to give one pride.

The heart of the shop is built like a circular maze, so you might want to stay close or you will definitely get lost.  Moving on.

image credits: Naveen Kumar

The deeper we go into the maze the trickier each item gets. For instance, this whole shelf is dedicated to creativity. The big round jar contains the main base for the potion and the colorful test tubes beside it are for different types of creativity. They are all in their concentrated form, you add as much as you need. Tell you a secret? The base is just plain distilled water. By itself, it can be used for hope.

If you turn around you will see a shelf radiating a warm glow. This is a fun one. The soft cherry blossoms are for sweet platonic love, the jar with paper soaked in ink is for all the words a lover thought but left unsaid; unrequited love. The jar decorated with satin ribbons has rich red cherries in wine for lust. And the last jar on this shelf holds mermaid scales, which hold the power of seduction.

Here you see a jar with something that looks like honey, inside. Come close take a whiff. No, no not that close you idiot!   Keep your face at a distance. Surprised? Yes, that is the smell of concentrated acrylic paint. Didn’t see that coming did you? Its madness, when you don’t know what is what anymore.

You see that distinctive dark jar right next to it? That has a very strong corrosive liquid. It would hurt every jar it’s kept in, so it had to be put in a special jar, Self-hate.

If you look closely, the shelf on top is carved in a bit deeper than the rest. The constantly bubbling potion holds the most toxic acid mixture. That’s anger.

image credits: Nemesis now

On its left, you have its less intense and more fun cousin, sarcasm. It sharpens your tongue and the words that leave it. On its right you will find empty bullet shells, war, sucking lives out of people, leaving empty shells behind.

Are you overwhelmed? It’s okay, anyone would be. Step a bit closer to the shelf on your right. Be careful. Do you feel those shivers? Those chains covered in blood and rust are those of all the pain and harshness this world has to offer, a jar of cruelty.

That jar with the golden band around it with bloodied feathers of a dead songbird, that jar bears silence.

I could go on, but it would take us an eternity. There is only so much you can learn in one go, let’s end it with this last jar. A mixture of sandalwood, earth and a crooked branch from a yew tree, the perfect blend for death.

Have you found anything you want yet?


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