Our world is quite convoluted. On one side, you feel hopeful when you observe the way people react when crises arise. People do wonders when faced with difficulties. Accidents seem to touch the very core of our beings. I suppose the only times we can truly be proud of ourselves is when we do good for other living beings. Humanity is perplexing. An old adage, ‘Give, and you will receive’ comes to mind. It seems impractical in today’s society. Our world is not paradisiacal. The world we live in can be horrifying at the very least. Our society isn’t as perfect as it seems at first glance. It’s darker than we could imagine. In order to not come into contact with this horrifying part of the society, we would have to switch off our electronic devices and isolate ourselves from the rest of the civilization. These appalling things are often known as ‘sins’. A sin is defined as an immoral act considered to be a transgression against humanity. Sins are actions that can be felt to be highly reprehensible.

According to Wikipedia, The Seven Deadly Sins is a classification of vices that give birth to other immoralities. The most dangerous sins are said to be pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. These are abuses of one’s natural tendencies. It is of my opinion that wrath is the one sin that can have terrible repercussions. It is anger, coupled with greed and envy, that leads people to do truly despicable things. It is the natural tendency of humans to err. But we can’t keep living like this. All of us aspire to be better people, but we also need to put in the effort. As insignificant as it might sound, helping people in need is probably the best way to start being a better person. So often, we see such sickening things on the news, that we think to ourselves, “I can’t believe someone would do this!”. Our world isn’t ideal, but it most definitely is real.  We can’t expect our society to undergo such a huge change overnight. But if we all work towards it, we’ll get there one day. And we’ll be the ones most grateful for this amazing transformation.

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