Our fates intertwined through wedlock,

Married life with a soldier, no cakewalk.

Adorning the hats of both a mother and a father,

Remember, we have now and always got each other.


Tales of your valour, the kids’ beloved story,

Undeterred, you fight for the nation’s glory!

Salutes and honours grace your uniform,

I too have fought a war, come hail or storm.


You fight out there so that no one breaks in,

My agony, the uncertainty, sure is a war within.

Had sleepless nights hoping to see you safe and sound,

You are bound to the country and to you I am bound.


That one phone call of yours from miles away,

Lightens up the household, makes our day.

The news of your homecoming, a celebration in itself,

The mere idea of you then leaving, can’t contain myself.


I have to put up a strong front for you and the family,

For both of us to fight our respective wars, valiantly.

Though life as a soldier’s spouse is rather demanding,

I chose this, knew it to be extremely challenging.


Yet in all of this, what fears me the most,

Is that, one day I might receive that one dreadful post.

Everything changes within the blink of an eye,

Pray for no wars, nor a spine-chilling war cry!


Proud as I am, to have shared this life with you,

You are the country’s pride and I sure am too.

No qualms about life here remaining forever uncertain,

Here I wait for my children to be soldiers too, begins again- a war within…



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