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The fear of failure is a kind of illusion, like a mirage that is caused by feelings. Feelings like acrimony or ill will. Failure is a word that is wrongly interpreted most of the times. It is prominent in life and grants you some kind of knowledge. I believe knowledge comes from experience that helps one learn certain valuable lessons. So I insist to forestall the fear that conquers your mind. .

You mights be wondering where it all went wrong, thinking of which might ignite a lot of agonies. I stand here, lauding at your efforts while going through it. Disclaim yourself from every incoherent feeling when someone weeps at your failure while I ask God to grant you an ocean of strength.

Don’t let the mere feeling of failure bring you down. Face it each day, struggle and be proud of going through it with all the negativity in your head and around you. I know it is hard pushing through every second when uneven voices declare your desired goal to be beyond your reach. This might instil in you, a feeling that you can’t escape, making you feel absolutely paralyzed but don’t let it steal away your worth.

It’s this very feeling that builds your character and helps in becoming someone you’ve destined to be. Replace this dense feeling with a sense of hope and trust and don’t forget to breathe, harmonize and highlight your resilience.

The true path towards success is through the fear of failure, use it to succeed. I believe pragmatism is the best teacher which will help you allay the past. This feeling might entail you in a negative way but put it all behind and don’t be terrified to fail again, until you achieve what you need.

Displace every bit of it with a cheerful heart to achieve success. Every day is a new beginning and opportunities are always around the corner. Just let the brutal feeling fade away.

Michelle Obama said, ” Do not be afraid to fail, that oftentimes keeps women, back because we think we have to be perfect, we think we have to be right, we think we can’t stumble and the only way you succeed in life is through failing. Be supportive of each other. Be each other’s best friends. Do not compete, don’t take one’s failure as your success. We can all rise together. We all can win together. Its sometimes thought in society that we need to compete, we need to hold each other back for one of us to succeed which is not true .”

Hope all your failures add colour to your success story.

Yours lovingly,



This article is inspired by the book “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.


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