1. Sardar Patel Auditorium is always abuzz with activities

Every Saturday evening, a movie was screened in the auditorium back in 2011, (Oh, those were the days!)
Yoga classes are conducted in this hall, so are many programmes of music, art and dance.

2. Keshav Rao Koratkar

Justice Keshav Rao Koratkar (1867-1932) was an eminent educationist, social reformer and political activist. In 1904 he was elected president of Hyderabad Arya samaj and started a Marathi medium school in Hyderabad.
When Justice Keshavrao Koratkar passed away, Pandit Vinayakrao Vidyalankar wanted to create a memorial in his father’s name. After great efforts, a middle school was started on 20th July 1940, and then in 2007 came Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology.

3. How the canteen looked back in 2010

Team KMIT Tarang in the canteen

Team KMIT Tarang in the canteen

The picture talks amounts of KMIT’s belief in transformation.


 4. An upcoming state-of-the-art badminton court on the third floor.

Status: Loading…


 5. KMIT’S Granthalaya boasts of about 2000 books!

 6. The trees in KMIT – where according to Neil Sir, a bunch of Java Programmers reside – are a century old.

 7. KMIT’s tryst with the freedom struggle.


In 1947, while Hyderabad was still under the Nizam rule it was in Keshav Memorial Educational Society, the first tricolor flag was hoisted.

 8. The WiFi password is k*******


 9. Here’s an analogy to describe KMIT : From a start-up with handful of lecturers to a full-blown MNC with Gates and Grills that can’t be escaped (we did try!)

10.Parts of KMIT are always under construction. Apart from learning, we believe in constructing.

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