1.Forget the Past                    

What would be your reaction if someone asks about the past year? I would say “I don’t even remember about it and All Clear is my favorite phrase” Let’s just hope that there are no backlogs 😉

2. Where have you been?

College would be boring without our besties wouldn’t it?  Spending half of the day with friends is just so different from meeting at MCD and IMAX. Eating together, studying together and bunking together, only your gang knows the crazy you. We surely share a special bond with them.

3.It’s so boring

The classes have just started and the lectures are already working as a lullaby for you. In the holidays we say “I’m bored of holidays, when will the college reopen” and now we are already waiting for the next vacation.

4. How do I impress?               

It’s the beginning of the semester and the time to impress the lecturers. So, we won’t have the attendance problem later. Flaunting your skills before the lecturers is not new.

5. I got you

Haven’t you ever counted the number of time a lecturer says “Okay?”  We have always been great mimics when it comes to our lecturers.

Rather than concentrating on the lecture we end up observing how our lecturer behaves.We have a special talent of mimicking their slang.

6. Yummy Tummy

Home made food is always tasty, but don’t you miss the delicious canteen food? After all, our college canteen is famous in and around campus. So, we rush to the canteen every other day to gulp our favorite dish. And that promise of  “I won’t spend much in canteen” is meant to be broken.

7. Let’s Bunk!!! But how??

“I don’t have the mood to attend classes”                                                  “C’mon let’s bunk” said one                                                                      And that was enough for your gang to escape the college. But wait guys, do you think it’s that easy to bunk?? LOL at least not in KMIT (If you know what I mean)

8. Procrastination is my birthright

All of us decide to study from the first day of college. We just hope that it doesn’t end up to be last minute work again. But, aren’t we experts of last minute preparation? We are engineers, after all 😉

9.Textbook search begins

It’s been nearly a month, yet you don’t have the textbooks. The assignments need to be submitted,  that’s when you remember about them. And now you are searching for books in library. But, you are late and you always get to hear  “Those books are already borrowed”. 10. Let’s get started

The last semester was the past and so was the sem break. But, you are still in the mood of “Exams done!only fun now”. The mids are nearing and at last the dusty books will be opened. And don’t forget about the heaps of incomplete assignments. So, buckle up guys 😉

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