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**Four project proposals by our students Nischal Singhi, Srinivas Yadav, Akash Konda, and P Sai Varshith were accepted by GSoC. Congratulations and best wishes to them. To know more about GSOC click here **FDP for IOT and ML going on for 2 weeks each. ** Workplace Satisfaction Survey for Women at KMIT : 2021. View Report ** In view of opening of colleges, Students and Parents are requested to sign and submit a declaration form. Please find form click here.  ** KMIT 2021-22 Batch : 2 students got selected for internship in Goldman Sachs with stipend of 75K per month (post pay package of 22.5LPA). **UGC Guidelines for Re-Opening the Universities and Colleges Post Lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic View PDF ** KMIT 2020-21 Batch Placements: 1 student got placed in Google with pay package of 31LPA **2 students got placed in Cisco with pay package of 14LPA

** CBT Exam registration form Click Here. ** CBT Exam is ONLY for those students who were absent for any one of the two mid-exams of a subject. CBT exam registration can be done only for such students.  Students have to register for  2-1, 3-1 & 4-1 CBT exam on or before 5PM 30-05-2021. ** B.Tech. 4-2 Regular examination registration form Click here. ** B.Tech. 4-2 Supplementary examination registration form Click here. Complete the payment and registration by 2PM, 28-05-2021. **Glad to inform you all that our CSE student (Haripriya Reddy) got an international offer, she got selected in Amazon-Berlin with a whopping offer  of 107000 euros per annum((93-LPA).  ** Click Here for the notification for B.Tech I Year I Sem Regular Examination April 2021 ** 2nd, 3rd & 4th B.TECH Regular & Suppli exams (to be held in March) center details shared in CR groups. ** COVID 19 ***Keep India at large safe***. 

ECE Laboratories

Electronic Devices & Circuits Laboratory

This laboratory has an excellent collection of all basic components in available ranges for conducting practical classes. It also consists of CROs, Function Generators and Power Supplies and Bread boards etc.

Basic Simulation Lab

Basic Simulation Lab is meant to supplement the theoretical concepts taught in an introductory course on signals and systems. It is equipped with Computers and Software to carry out the experiments

Analog Communication Laboratory

The Communication Lab has been equipped with Function generator, AM / FM transmitter and receiver kits, TDM, FDM and many other experiments at kits. It is also equipped with simulation software and hardware related to advanced communications.

Analog Electronics Lab

Analog Electronics Laboratory is equipped with hardware & software to carry out Electronic circuit analysis and its applications which are useful to build a basic Electronic system

Pulse & Digital Circuits Lab

This laboratory aims to acquire the information of designing and evaluating Filters, switching characteristics of semiconductor devices, multivibrators, Time base generators, Clippers and Clampers. The students will be able to realize logic gates using discrete components, and applications of combinational and sequential Circuits.

Linear and Digital Integrated Circuit Application (LDICA) Lab

Linear and Digital IC Applications Lab facilitates learning, verifying and designing the functionality of Operational amplifier and various other Integrated circuits

Micro Processor and Micro Controller Laboratory

This laboratory has more than 20 Microprocessor kits& Microcontroller of 8086 and 8051, several Micro controller kits with variety of interfaces and control kits like DMA Controller, etc.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

In this lab the students shall be implementing the concepts of Digital Signal processing through simulation, by writing the programs in OCTAVE 4.2.0, and later, hardware verification also to be done, using DSP processor.

Microwave Engineering and Digial Communication Lab

The Laboratory is equipped with hardware units to carry out experiments that include Microwave measurements techniques for Power, VSWR, frequency, wavelength, impedance quantities and characterization of Microwave sources. The lab also contains hardware units to carry out various Digital Modulation and Demodulation technique