A baby was born in October 2014. With love and care, the baby was nurtured. With thoughts and ideas, the baby evolved. The baby has now turned 4 so let’s get the celebration started.
October marks the anniversary edition of kMITRA and the lined up festivals just add more glitter to the spreading happiness.

What better way of celebrating the anniversary than reminiscing about our past? Meeta Kapoor brings to you “All About Us” where she talks about the evolution of kMITRA. It certainly left us all nostalgic.

Ever wondered how we work at kMITRA? How we have put forward our best, despite our tight schedules? Follow Radhika Bilolikar’s “Going into kMITRA” and get to witness the behind-the-scenes of the magazine.

What’s a magazine without you readers! We wanted to know your experiences and expectations from the magazine so we got Pratish Mashankar and Aishwarya Gokhale to talk to readers from different years on the campus. You can find all the interesting thoughts and opinions shared by you guys in “kMITRA 4ever.”

As we move forward into the month of festivals starting with Navratri, Shivani Bhatnagar presents “9 Days, 9 Lessons” highlighting the significance and the lessons to be learned from the nine holy days.

With Halloween just around the corner, I’m sure you all have already started to plan on what to dress up as. Take a step further with Bharathaa Chandana’s “Halloween DIY: Wound Makeup.”

This edition we have not one but two reviews by Akhil Anand Samudrala and Azam Ansari where the former reviews the movie “Andhadhun” staring Aayushman Khurana and the latter reviews “Red Brick Café.”

Sad that your favourite book/series did not end the way you wanted or did your favourite characters didn’t end up together? Check out Meghana Palakodeti’s “Fiction vs Fanfiction” where she introduces you to the world of fanfiction.
Now that we have started talking about fiction and reality, why don’t you check out Nimisha Sanjay’s “We Need the ‘REAL’ in Reality” where she tries to shed some light on how Indian television needs to step up their game and present us with some reality in their “reality” shows?

Dog lover or not, you might definitely want to know what goes on inside a dog’s head. Follow Scout and Tyson’s adventures in” ‘twas a ‘Ruff’ Day” by our avid dog lover, Hasmitha Acchi, you might finally find out what your pets are up to in your absence.

Having a bad day? Let’s cheer you up. If you’re up for some music, “Tune in” to Mahathi Sharma’s experience at All India Radio where she plays the role of an RJ for a day.
Or maybe go for a walk in a park. You never know you may seek inspiration from watching “A Child Play” just like Abhay Krishna Kasavaraju did.

Whatever it is, you are not allowed to be sad or bored this month. Simply grab a cup of coffee and delve into the variety we have put forward this month.

Signing off,

The Editors.



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