It’s just another bustling day at kMITRA. There’s pandemonium all around as we set to work on delivering a fun, informative magazine to the readers. We try to outdo the best work we’ve done so far. And in doing so, we’ve created a family of our own. All of us come together to create a magazine that is read and loved by many.

Ever since its inception, kMITRA has been an institution. It is a world of its own. Though it is run by the students, its reach goes far beyond. We take pride in the work that is put into it and the satisfaction that comes because of it.  All of us have different roles and we perform well to uplift one another. kMITRA will not be able to function as efficiently without all of its members playing an important part.

Getting together

The whole team meets up at the beginning of the month to discuss the previous issue and brainstorm ideas for the next one. During the meeting, we come up with a theme for the edition and think of articles pertaining to that theme. It is also the time when we meet up as a team and hang out. After the mundanity of everyday life, it feels good to have some much-needed relaxation time. After this, it is all an uphill task.

Writers get writing

Each writer in the team is either a mentor or a mentee. As the term suggests, the mentor has a major part in honing the mentee’s writing skill. After finding a suitable topic for the article, the writers get to work on researching about it thoroughly. Putting an article into words is not that easy when you have a ton of ideas fluttering around in your mind, but the writers manage to do it every edition. They push through the writer’s block to give us an article that is worthy of kMITRA.

Developers start developing

The developers of kMITRA make the magazine possible. They work on the back end and maintain the magazine. They are also the ones who make modifications to it in case of any bugs. If there are ever any changes to be made to the website, the developers of kMITRA are the ones to seek out. In addition to this, they also manage and create users to ensure a better experience for the readers.

Designers start designing

The designers step in to make everything look amazing. They create the cover image that readers see on the website thereby giving the readers a brief idea about the theme of the edition. Also, they create the feature images that go with the articles submitted by the writers.

The designers implement User interface design to create the better user experience. They also help in the promotion of kMITRA by designing cool posters.

PR saves us all

The PR team does a very good job of promoting our articles and the magazine as a whole. They give kMITRA a wider scope and ensure its success as an e-magazine. Moreover, they have an Instagram page which is rapidly gaining popularity. On this platform, they have many interactive polls for the audience. In addition to this, they also answer any questions the readers might have pertaining to kMITRA.

This whole process is overseen by the editors, who also have the job of refining the articles among other things. They help with the coordination of the team as a whole. They’re the glue that holds us all together. They make sure that the magazine is as perfect as it can be before it goes live.

All in all, working in kMITRA has been a very vivid experience for me. It has taught me things about teamwork that I had trouble understanding before. Being a part of this e-magazine has unleashed my creativity and given me a platform to express my opinions.

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