Mystery. A genre of storytelling from times forgotten. Everyone enjoys a good suspense/thriller. Be it the element of surprise, or shock in many cases, or the euphoric feeling of being right about the killer from the very beginning. It’s all the appeal you can get. But, there’s a catch.

Mystery can very easily be boring if done improperly. This genre is also the one where people pay the closest attention to the slightest of details, trying to catch any clue or blooper that gives away the culprits identity. Preventing this is the biggest hurdle a mystery writer can face, and this is exactly what Sriram Raghavan has overcome in his brilliantly written, choreographed, and directed movie, Andhadhun.

Andhadhun takes every mystery cliché and uses it against itself. It follows the story of Aakash (Aayushman Khurana), a blind pianist, who witnesses? a murder? confused? So was I. But things are soon clear and you will be sucked into a whirlpool of plot twists and bewildering moments. Casting alongside Tabu, Radhika Apte and Manav Vij, Aayushman and co have brought amazing life into the film with their brilliant acting and screen presence. At no moment will you find their dialogues forced, or their expressions stoic.

This movie is a prime example of stunning cinematography and cunning misdirection. And while the focus of the film is the murder mystery, we see different aspects of humanity compressed into a 2 hour 30 min roller coaster ride. 

Although a slow starter at the box office with first-day collections of just 2.4 Cr, a 9.2 IMDb rating and countrywide positive reviews are the only footholds for this movie in theaters. One more thing to note is the fact that characters in this film, like many others don’t erupt into annoying musical numbers, complete with synchronized choreography. The songs are there, but never unnecessary, after all, Aakash is a musician and the movie pays appropriate tribute to classical western music. 

With a quick-paced narrative, dark humor and a plot that will leave you bewildered till the end. This movie is a perfect watch for any age group. And as I try to avoid any spoiler or plotline that would take away the fun from your own experience, I can’t stress enough on the fact that the Indian audience needs to watch and appreciate such masterpieces. All I would suggest is, find the next free spot on your calendar and book your tickets.

After all, what is Life? It depends on the liver.

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