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Tell me if you can relate to this. You come home after a long day , you had more food than you should have had, and now you are lying in the comfort of your soft, warm bed and before… Continue Reading →

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We Turn 4!

A baby was born in October 2014. With love and care, the baby was nurtured. With thoughts and ideas, the baby evolved. The baby has now turned 4 so let’s get the celebration started. October marks the anniversary edition of… Continue Reading →

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Editorial- September 2018

To address the elephant in the room, one needs to first know what the elephant looks like. And the elephant in this edition, is Masculism. Masculism refers to the political, cultural and economic movements that advocate for the rights, equality… Continue Reading →

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The Trip to Nowhere

We all want to go somewhere every Summer. This summer, I, went Nowhere, where no one ever wants to go. Although people might claim that they have found themselves in the middle of nowhere at some point in their lives,… Continue Reading →

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How to: Misery

Happy! Not everyone wants to be happy. Some people like to be the saddest sado sailing on the sea of sadness. Now,if you relate to the latter, save this article, print this article, store it in the safest, saddest place… Continue Reading →

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2017 in review!

                            We Made it Through! phew! by Anmol Jain 2017, the year that blew up like a fat kid hogging up on pastries. The year when most… Continue Reading →

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To Death, With Love

We all have that one friend who is never invited but shows up anyway, that one friend we pretend to be okay with because everyone also is. Death, my friend, is that friend. Death, I resent you with all my… Continue Reading →

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NEXUS – JCI’s​ ​Mr.&Ms.​ ​Public​ ​Speaker

“Trrrrrrrrrrr! Rang the bell and my heart skipped a beat!” said one of the participants. 3 out of every 4 humans are Glossophobic – Scared of speaking their minds out loud. But clearly, this wasn’t true in the case of … Continue Reading →

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On the 16th of August this year, KMIT witnessed what was probably one of its kind in its history so far. Our college has always been known for the evergreen aura that it provides to all of us, giving us… Continue Reading →

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