We all have that one friend who is never invited but shows up anyway, that one friend we pretend to be okay with because everyone also is. Death, my friend, is that friend.

Death, I resent you with all my heart. I reject your presence, your whispers of a beautiful afterlife, your greed for my soul in the name of duties. Just because you are a part of nature, doesn't mean you need to exist. Smallpox was a part of nature too, turns out he wasn't necessary either.

You might wonder where this is coming from? From the infamous head transplant to be conducted this December by Dr. Sergio Canavero. The first ever human head transplant in the history of history. It got me pondering over how it's not very far away when we might be able to abandon the entire concept of death. What would happen then? Would we miss death? Will science actually overpower the laws of nature?

Given the choice between death and immortality, I would choose to live forever. I believe it is impossible for us to get “bored” of life. There is just too much for us to be missing out on. Life is an ever extending event which evolves and changes with every breath of ours.

Personally, I would never want death, to not be a stranger. Life need not be a relay race, where I pass the baton to my son, with a single hope that he would be as interested as I am in completing this race. Life will turn from being just the descent of genetic information to what the term itself means. People say ”Death gives life meaning”, which is bizarre. It's similar to “Pain gives happiness meaning”. Happiness has it's own meaning. You would never create a sad situation just so you can appreciate the happy ones, would you?

This is where I would like to pass the question on to my reader. What would you choose? Would you choose death over immortality when the time comes? Or, would the life of an immortal play it's magic?

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