Tell me if you can relate to this. You come home after a long day , you had more food than you should have had, and now you are lying in the comfort of your soft, warm bed and before you know it, your mind breaks the barriers of time and space to travel into that secret little parallel universe you hide from everyone. Because I know it happens to me every single time. I shift to a million universes in less than a million nanoseconds.


A universe where I drink 4 liters of water everyday and my face starts glowing like a firefly. A universe where I never say I “didn’t know”. And where massage chairs didn’t cost as much as they do.  Another one where I am the second hottest man alive, because let’s face it, in no universe can I beat Ryan Gosling. Seriously! Someone get me an infinity gauntlet so I can make it all happen.


I also think about a universe where I am not scared of mini-dragons, a.k.a, lizards. One where pineapple pizza is the best selling pizza in the world *drooling already*! A universe where things not having worked out with my first crush doesn’t lead to me breaking my ex’s heart.  


But the universe I love living in the most, is the one where there is no void in the space of my life that my grandma once occupied. The universe where I am still the 8-year old that she is running behind to give a bath to, where she still has a secret stash of toys hidden away for me. The universe where I am still surprised every time she brushes her “removable teeth”(dentures). Or at least a universe where I get to say a proper goodbye.


All these parallel universes that I talk about, are bubbles that I have created from my imagination. The real question here though, is if it is the ones I have always wanted to live in, or the ones I did get to live in, that make me who I am.

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