You ever have one of those days? Where you are just tired of your regular restaurants and want to go find something new. I had one of those a while ago and I scoured zomato for about an hour before I came across this gem. Red Brick Cafe is by no means new. Known for serving hookah and unruly crowds, it was a place many would avoid when thinking of a peaceful meal. But all that changed recently as they underwent a major overhaul of the place and are now a full-time restaurant.

It is by no means flashy and if you didn’t know about it, more often than not, you are bound to miss it. Located right above jahanpanah store, in front of JVL park, Banjara Hills, road no. 1. This little cafe gave me quite the pleasant surprise.

Serving a mix of continental and Chinese food, along with mocktails and smoothies. The menu is just right for any type of food you might want to have. From a light snack to a full course meal. I highly recommend the sandwiches, French fries, and the blue curacao mocktail.

As the name suggests, the ambiance is set with dull red lighting and a collection of retro showpieces which are fascinating to look at and gives off an almost nostalgic vibe. The walls are also home to a number of Game of Thrones caricatures and paintings, so if you are a fan, head right down.

The staff is courteous, but the food service is a bit slow. So don’t go if you are in a rush. And if you find them playing music that’s not to your liking, you can always request them to change it, which for me at least is a bit important. It’s also quite budget-friendly, you don’t have to worry a lot about the cost but do keep an eye on the items that you order, as it’s easy to order more than you can eat since the menu is so simple. Bon Appetit!

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