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Editor’s Note

December is the month of introspection and looking back at the, shall we say, eventful year that was 2016. No person could have predicted the roller coaster that was this year, with its ups and downs. And so, it is… Continue Reading →

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The Moonshine Project Review

Great food makes fantastic memories. The Moonshine Project in Filmnagar, Jubilee Hills does just that, in opulent style.  Since it was a sunny (read blistering hot) afternoon, we decided to avoid the rooftop. The entrance door is like a bookshelf which… Continue Reading →

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Pokémon GO – Gotta Know it All!

Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings. The disclaimer is not an exaggeration. Once you start playing, you are sucked into the insanely engrossing world of Pokémon GO. For the uninitiated, Pokémon GO is perhaps… Continue Reading →

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China Bistro Review

“If there was a way to travel the world sitting at one place alone, it is through food.”   (and of course, books) With two gigantic Terracotta warriors welcoming you at the entrance, China Bistro does all it can to… Continue Reading →

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Zensar ESD Programme

Zensar, a Pune based company conducted a 7 day Employee Skill Development aka ESD Programme in our college to third year students who had cleared two rounds of Recruitment process where Round 1 was Verbal and Aptitude Test and Round… Continue Reading →

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Leo and his Oscar!

Warning: The following article has been written by a hard core Leonardo DiCaprio fan, so moderate amount of fangirling ahead! He is an impeccable actor and one of the most brilliant actors of this generation, and has finally won an… Continue Reading →

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Strong wills, fragile hearts. Big dreams, small efforts. Confident bodies, inexperienced souls.Warm nature, cold attitude. We’re the youth. Walking with heavy hearts and helpless minds,Trying to move on after bitter goodbyes. Stitching our torn hearts,Blaming fate for our misfortunes. Plastic… Continue Reading →

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Must-have Apps: Part Two

Scribd App Store Rating: 4 & 1/2 stars Play Store Rating: 4 stars Getting the book you want from a library with a very limited supply of books (like say 40 STM books for 300 CSE students, tough job!) is… Continue Reading →

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Timeless Escapade

The book “Orlando” is by Virginia Woolf, a strong feminist and an even better writer. The story spanning over 300 years follows the tale of Orlando and his high spirit escapades during which Orlando ages only 36 years. The book… Continue Reading →

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Must-have apps : Part One

The Apple Appstore boasts of 1.5 million apps while the Google Playstore stands proud with around 1.6 million apps. With all these options to choose from, how can you know that you’re selecting the best apps to fill your home… Continue Reading →

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Fashion Fiesta

Any festival is a perfect excuse for us to shop to our heart’s content without feeling guilty and Dussehra is no exception since it comes after a long dearth of festivals. Dussehra is a festival that provides you 9 days of golden… Continue Reading →

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Queen of Crime turns 125

It takes tremendous skill for a writer to keep readers glued to the book till the last page. Agatha Christie does it in spades. Her whodunnit murder mysteries have confounded millions of readers the world over, leading them through a… Continue Reading →

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Apple Music vs Spotify

Of late, Apple has been relentlessly trying to make its users use Apple’s services over other existing time tested services. Even the most ardent Apple fan has to admit that Apple Maps simply can’t hold a candle to Google Maps…. Continue Reading →

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Periscope vs. Meerkat

Periscope vs Meerkat For a few weeks now, Meerkat has been the most talked about new app. Meerkat is a live video streaming service that let’s the world see what you see with just a couple of taps. Twitter however… Continue Reading →

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