Strong wills, fragile hearts.
Big dreams, small efforts.

Confident bodies, inexperienced souls.
Warm nature, cold attitude.

We’re the youth.

Walking with heavy hearts and helpless minds,
Trying to move on after bitter goodbyes.

Stitching our torn hearts,
Blaming fate for our misfortunes.

Plastic smiles enshrouding broken hearts.

Weren’t we happy earlier, before indulging in the blame game?
Was it that important for us to prove who was right and who was wrong?

We find ourselves trying to choose between soft hearts and egoistic minds.
Its a constant battle we fight with ourselves,

And our stubborn brains,
ALWAYS letting ego win over relations.

Breaking hearts and all the connections,
That once made us blissful and carefree.

Uncertain minds and tender hearts messing with all of it!
Leaving us cold and incomplete from within.

The memories make us shiver even now,
Sometimes leaving us broken.

Don’t mistake us for being weak.
For it’s just a dramatic phase we’re going through.

Our hopes aren’t lost,
Our love for  hasn’t faded.

We are large in number,
But small in age.

We’re the products of our  decisions.
We’re silly and messy in our own way.

But we still have the spark within us,
The spark of endless hope.

A hope to rise above the rest one day,
Inspite of our damaged souls.

Yes, we’re the youth!

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