July, a shift of the seasons towards the bluesy kind;  One best enjoyed at home, sipping on hot beverages – a joy compounded by the act of reading. “Read what?”, you ask. We have just the articles – with our first issue for the forthcoming year –  in front of you.

Providing food for the heart and soul, we have Ashketh, taking you across the universe of music that spawned into existence courtesy The Beatles ; and Raasi inspiring us to accept the chaotic constant that is change.

As the heavy downpours lock you to the confines of your home, and you press your face against the window for a clear day tomorrow, reminiscence takes the form of words – of summer vacation and holiday at – Coorg and  Bhaderwah ,  chronicled by Mohak and Meeta respectively.

Or you’re probably that person sinking yourself on a swivel chair cracking your knuckles and hitting the power button of your laptop or desktop in preparation for one of two things :
a) Gaming – in which case, let Vivek remind you of how the world’s most fond game has come along through the course of a year;

b) Coding – in which case, Akhil will briefly explain to you the JetBrains language of genius.

Or you probably want to read something – but not long. Help yourself to a touching little story by Ayushi. Then again, you’ve probably been meaning to pick up a book, and have it take you places – in which case, Lasya has just the right book for you.

Or you’re presently a victim to the noise pollution emanating from the cuboid a few metres away from the sofa, with your Mum huddled up against one side, consuming the dramatic soaps that makes you want to throw up.  Guffaw away, as you find yourself nodding in agreement with my co-editor, Shreyas with his take on Desi soaps ; and Mahathi’s new found addiction in the Indian stand-up comedy scene.

With Siri, Cortana and the rest of the AI algorithm manifestations catching the frenzy of people, Vishnu raises a few concerns fundamental to AI and – as I’d like to say – AI-related-morality.

Eid has just passed the corner, but trails of blood haunt us. What instigates religious violence, and what can be done?  Nimisha describes in her article answers to both questions, taking a case study of the recent attacks in London.

I hope you find something to your liking from this mix bag that is Issue July.

– Dheer.

[Signing out. ‘Twas an experience. So long, and thanks for all the fish, Team Kmitra, and Ms.Shweta.]

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