Sweeya Gadam

One would probably mess up my name the first time. Tv shows, music, memes and friends are my survival kit. Would never say no to a plate of fries. I’d immediately befriend you if you said you had a dog.

To A New Start

Every December, as the year comes to an end, we get our party hats on and welcome the next year with warmth, suspicion, or just an excuse “to make things right”. Being the horrendous year 2020 was, people could not… Continue Reading →

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The Girl from Iztacalco

The palette sat on the table, its many children crawling to play with each other. I dip my brush into the palette, squidge it into the deepest shade of blue until the bristles get covered in blue up to their… Continue Reading →

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The porch light blinked feebly, an indication of presence inside the house. Other than the lights in the house, nothing about the house bore the sign of life. The broken windows off the house didn’t, the unkempt vegetation in the… Continue Reading →

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Good in the time of Corona

For people who wanted a fresh start in life, 2020 seemed like a perfect beginning. Not only was it a new year but it was also a new decade. And this invited a lot of optimism into people’s lives. 5… Continue Reading →

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How Far Would You Run?

“RYAN! RYAN!” “Yeahh..” came a faint response from upstairs. “If you aren’t down here in the next five minutes, you might as well change into your pyjamas and tuck yourself into bed.” yelled Evelyn from the living room, throwing books… Continue Reading →

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Body Positivity

“If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.” ~ Anonymous   “I wish I had a body like her….” “I wish my arms were like his…..” There are so many… Continue Reading →

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Area 51

If you’re someone who is well into reading the news or is active on social media, you definitely might have heard about Area 51 recently. Area 51 took over the internet by a storm these past few months and is… Continue Reading →

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A Sacrifice Of Innocence

“TRING! TR-!” he put his hand down on the alarm and switched it off at the first ring. He started rubbing his eyes and slowly opened them. Tiny particles of dust were dancing, on the window sill above his cot,… Continue Reading →

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Magic with a ‘K’

Growing up in a world where books like Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz are written and read by people, we really wish magic exists. There are kids out there still waiting for their Hogwarts acceptance letter even though… Continue Reading →

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Optimistic Nihilism

Man, as we know and see today, has evolved gradually over a few million years. We underwent a series of slow changes that made it possible for us to evolve from apes to humans. The early man found himself in… Continue Reading →

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