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September Issue

From the Editor’s Desk

We have come up with articles in different genres this edition, for the diverse interests of our viewers. You can see reviews of books, movies and restaurants. We also talk about some unforgettable athletes of Olympics. This month our favorite… Continue Reading →

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Indian Olympic Legends

  Rio Olympics ended on a good note with India bagging two precious medals and many unforgettable moments. P.V. Sindhu’s victory of silver, Sakshi Malik grabbing the first medal of India and Dipa Karmakar’s feat in Gymnastics has made the… Continue Reading →

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Make your own Ganesh Idol

Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner, so you will be thinking of buying an idol. Being the environmentalist that you are and should be, you can make your own little Ganesh idol from natural clay and not harm the… Continue Reading →

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Genetic Engineering(GE) – What it is, what will it change !!

Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO) refers to any living organisms such as plants, animals, bacteria which have had their genetic material manipulated through genetic engineering. GMO’s have a very long history, in fact they’ve been around for thousands of years. Since the… Continue Reading →

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Warning: A lot of teasers ahead, beware 😛 (I’m kidding) All the potterheads out there, I’m sure you were thrilled by the release of another Harry Potter tale. However, this time Harry decided to cast his magic in the form… Continue Reading →

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Pangong – Where Sky meets Earth.

“The world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet. Don’t give up on the chance of seeing them.” -J. K. Rowling If you go to Leh and don’t visit the mesmerizing Pangong  tso, you’d be doing the road trip… Continue Reading →

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Thank You, Harry Potter.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good. To a few people, the above statement maybe mere words, but to me, a Potterhead, those words mean so much more. If I had a time turner, like, a real one… Continue Reading →

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Famous Teachers in Pop Culture

Teacher’s day is a holiday celebrated in the honour of all the teachers, instructors and disciplinarians. In India, it falls on the fifth of September. It is said that every single teacher you come across, no matter how good (or… Continue Reading →

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Choice -Part 3

Sita still cried every day.  In her family, it would be a potential crime to love out of her marriage. She feared about her parents’ downfall all the time. Her relatives would never agree. But she loved Ram dearly. He… Continue Reading →

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A Fresh and Pleasant “Pellichoopulu”

Each stage of life dishes out something at you and it is your job to handle it. (Philosophical outlook is a by-product of finishing college.) The recent Telugu entertainer Pellichoopulu focuses on the search for a life partner which, as… Continue Reading →

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The Moonshine Project Review

Great food makes fantastic memories. The Moonshine Project in Filmnagar, Jubilee Hills does just that, in opulent style.  Since it was a sunny (read blistering hot) afternoon, we decided to avoid the rooftop. The entrance door is like a bookshelf which… Continue Reading →

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At its simplest – a wave, Otherwise, twisted and intricate. Sounds sealed in a stave, Music is rather quite great. The prodigy on the piano, The senhor on the sax. The vixen on her violin, And an acapella of canine… Continue Reading →

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