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Aadhaar, the 12 digit unique identity code (UID), known to all Indian residents based on their biometric information. Informally, it is better identified by many as the worst profile picture on a public identification card. It is the world’s largest… Continue Reading →

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Is our reality a simulation?

In the age old classic movie ‘The Matrix’ a tantalizing theory was introduced… Is it possible that we are living in a simulation? This in time evolved into a philosophical dilemma of our existence. Are we a product of simulation… Continue Reading →

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Editor’s note

Dear readers, The month of August comes to an end, along with which arrives another issue which brings with it a variety of fresh new takes on happening events so far and much more. Although before I divulge into the… Continue Reading →

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Imagine taking a Supernova and converting it into the deadliest cosmic sniper capable of eradicating Solar systems, though a gross oversimplification, that’s basically what Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB’s) are. They are rays of gamma particles (or waves) that last for… Continue Reading →

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Do robots deserve rights?

Imagine a future where your toaster can anticipate what kind of toast you want. During the day, it scans the internet for new and exciting kinds of toast; maybe it asks you about your day and wants to chat about… Continue Reading →

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Cultural Linguistics

What is Cultural Linguistics? Cultural linguistics is the relationship between ethnology and linguistics and is also called Ethnolinguistics. In other words, it is about ethnic groups and their perception of the world around them through the use of language and… Continue Reading →

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Hacksaw Ridge

  One of the most intriguing movies of 2016 was Hacksaw Ridge, based on an astoundingly true story about a combat medic who saved 75 men in Okinawa during one of the bloodiest battles of World war ll. For those… Continue Reading →

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Nature and origin of morality

Introduction Upon reading Hitchen’s controversial book “God is not great” and inspecting his extrapolated evidences of how as he mentions numerous times that “religion poisons everything”, it seems more appropriate to have named the book as Religion is not great…. Continue Reading →

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Genetic Engineering(GE) – What it is, what will it change !!

Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO) refers to any living organisms such as plants, animals, bacteria which have had their genetic material manipulated through genetic engineering. GMO’s have a very long history, in fact they’ve been around for thousands of years. Since the… Continue Reading →

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Brief overview of the European Refugee Crisis

The European refugee crisis started in the summer of 2015, when a rising number of refugees mainly from the conflict stricken areas in the Middle East made their way to the EU (European Union) seeking asylum. It was the highest… Continue Reading →

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