I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

To a few people, the above statement maybe mere words, but to me, a Potterhead, those words mean so much more.

If I had a time turner, like, a real one and not that paraphernalia I bought off Amazon, I’d probably go back to the time when I first started reading the books. I miss the times when each page in every Harry Potter book was new to me. I miss the time when I pretended that all the magic was real.

I could always read the books again and again but they won’t be the same anymore and that makes me sad.

When I volunteered to write this article, I thought, “It’s Harry Potter! This will be a cake walk!” But, after writing the first sentence and just staring at it for two whole days, I realised that there was so much I wanted to write but I didn’t know where to start or what words to use.

You see, these books have taught me so much. Every character is very, very dear to me.

What I love most about the series is how the underlying plot for every major incident that takes place in the books is love. Sometimes pure like Snape’s love for Lily, sometimes twisted like Merope’s love for Tom, but love all the same.

With The Cursed Child in the market, people are bringing all the magic back- some by reading the books, some by watching movies and some cleansing their heads to remove all taints of The Cursed Child.

Honestly, I don’t think The Cursed Child is a suitable sequel to the series. Sure, it has its moments but there are too many loose ends and too many unanswered questions.

And another beautiful thing is every story is well-rooted and the conclusions that can be drawn from each of them are simply innumerable. The weirdest thing is that each and every conclusion makes perfect sense. Rowling weaved all of those stories with a finesse that is hardly found in fantasy novels.

My mother often asks me for how long am I going to read the series. There was this one time, I closed the book, stood up, looked into her eyes and said ‘Always’. I’m pretty sure she didn’t get the reference, because she walked away with an expression on her face which clearly conveyed the fact that she thought I was a lunatic.

I will forever be obsessed with Harry Potter. There is no denying that. I’ve searched and searched for another series like that ever since I was 12. I’m 19 now and I’m still searching. I know one thing for sure. My kids will not know Disney. I will read them Harry Potter and teach them the Harry Potter alphabet. A for Albus. B for Black. C for Cho. D for Dobby.

I know I will always laugh a little harder because of Peeves, Fred, George, Filch; but I will also cry a little harder because of Fred, Snape, Remus, and Tonks.

If I could meet the characters from the book and say something to them, here’s what I would say:

To Harry, thank you for showing me that there are causes worth dying for but no cause worth killing for.

To Fred and George, thank you for finding humour when we could all barely smile and also, thank you for all of the wonderful memories.

To Dumbledore, thank you for teaching me that with great knowledge come great pain.

To Ron, thank you for teaching me to be brave, even when the going gets tough.

To Hermione, thank you for proving that nerdy is cool.

To Percy, thank you for believing in the power of family.

To Hagrid, thank you for your undying compassion.

To Dobby, thank you for showing me the value of friendship.

To Sirius and Remus, thank you for your unflinching loyalty.

To Umbridge, thank you for teaching me how to hate from the bottom of my heart.

I know I haven’t talked about everybody and I don’t even think that’s possible considering the fact that I am running out of words again. But I will end by saying this.

To Snape, thank you for your love. Always.

Mischief managed.

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