Shreya Deme

Fan of mythology and fiction. Dramatic novels are my jam. Dessert person. Can binge watch until eyes are sore.

Aiding Tibet

Disclaimer: The facts mentioned in this article may vary with the actual ones. “To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle.” – Dalai Lama The second world war reached its final stage in 1945,… Continue Reading →

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Slave of the Troy

The left side of my jaw was throbbing with pain and I could feel the metallic taste of blood in my mouth. I was standing on the dais with bonded hands and dishevelled clothes stained with blood from my injured… Continue Reading →

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Beach in the city – Shore

7th March 2020, for anyone, might seem like just any other day but not for us KMITians. The most anticipated event of our college, the KMIT evening, was held on the 7th. A beach day with friends can never go… Continue Reading →

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Decade into Climate Change

Climate change is happening now, faster than predicted by scientists. They gave us a deadline of 12 years to keep up the global temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius or a great catastrophe could strike the earth. Our future generations might… Continue Reading →

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Obsessed with change

11 years until we can protect the planet from irreversible damage. Only 15 months until we can make a significant difference. The world is dying but little is being done to combat this issue. For the past 30 years, many… Continue Reading →

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Kesmet-A sacred beast

It was during my young pastor days. I was to be a pastor in a small church in Malay, far away from Portugal, my home. The church was set up by the rich Portuguese living in the colonized Malay. Plantations,… Continue Reading →

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The Saviour

Today, when we study history, the two words that resonate the most are BC and AD. BC abbreviating to Before the birth of the Christ and AD to Anno Domini a Latin phrase which translates to β€œIn the year of… Continue Reading →

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