Akshay Raje

Summers – Expectations Vs Reality

Summer is all about holidays and when the holiday season comes closer, we expect it to be different and much more exciting from what we had the previous year. But, the fact is, it actually stays the same. This article… Continue Reading →

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A Day Before Results

Results are something more horrifying than ghosts or the “You are not connected to the internet” kind of a situation. Results play a very important part in a person’s life. Just like how every coin has two sides, the result day… Continue Reading →

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Comedy is actually a serious business, with only one goal and that is to make everyone laugh! We live in a depressed society where everyone is suing each other for money, the school going children are burdened with homeworks and… Continue Reading →

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Bollywood and Logic

The relation between mainstream Bollywood cinema and logic is next to nonexistent. Most probably, Bollywood hates science, and maybe that’s the reason why we get to watch movies in which a set of twins share the same feelings. According to… Continue Reading →

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Dosa: An Emotion

What is the dosa? DOSA is one of the most famous food items of south India and is usually eaten for breakfast. Not just south India, of late, it has gained popularity all around the world. “Dosa is not just… Continue Reading →

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Types of People on Social Media

Social media is named aptly so because it’s a tool to be social. Unfortunately, there are many amongst us who do the most insane things on Facebook and Twitter that makes you roll your eyes. 1. People who think their… Continue Reading →

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