Results are something more horrifying than ghosts or the “You are not connected to the internet” kind of a situation. Results play a very important part in a person’s life. Just like how every coin has two sides, the result day also has two consequences. On one hand, it may bring you happiness and on another― disappointment. As the result day ends all the suspense, this article is all about a day before the results!

There are many changes you get to see in a person, on the day before results. I’ve seen people turn superstitious on that day. Some make promises to God, like, “From next semester, I will go to the college every day!”  And some make deals with God like “Just see to it that I pass this exam well and I will come to the temple or mosque every day!” (Trust me, I never did that).

The day before the results is the only day we think and assume way more much than necessary.  The students mostly assume a negative outcome, for which they think their parents are going to scold them a lot, and so as to avoid that, they start behaving properly and carefully with their parents by listening to everything they say. Stereotypically speaking, girls play the trump card of remaining silent from a day before or two, whereas boys start behaving extremely well.

Every student has an excuse ready so that they could use it in case they fail. The excuses can be anything from the usual ones like “Exams were tough” to the weird ones like “There was IPL in this period” or blaming Modi for “everything”. We also find some people who come into existence only for that result period: every family has that one uncle or aunt, who end up asking your result and comparing it with someone of similar age. And in the end, says “Whatever happens, happens for good” which is nothing but sheer sympathy.

Though we face it every year, the experience and feelings never change. The anxiety of it all makes us bite our nails and run around in circles till we get the answer to these questions.The experience on the day when the results are being announced is still a nightmare and everyone would be happy if the trauma gets over, as soon as possible, with good results.

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