The relation between mainstream Bollywood cinema and logic is next to nonexistent. Most probably, Bollywood hates science, and maybe that’s the reason why we get to watch movies in which a set of twins share the same feelings. According to the Bollywood rule book, the twins feel the same pain at the same time even though they are miles apart.

Every Bollywood fight is of two types. The first type is the one in which the hero kills all the rowdies or the villain in one go. While in the second type he falls down, and the villain keeps hitting him and our hero only gets up when the actress murmurs his name/shouts for help, that's when somehow, the badly injured hero is suddenly rejuvenated and re-energized enough to stand back up and defeat the enemy.

Bollywood movies also portray that the hero can get the girl he loves, just by stalking her, as one day, sooner or later she realizes his love for her, just by seeing the hard work he put in to stalk her. One of the events during the stalking procedure is singing and dancing, where every random strangers and by-standers join the hero and do the same steps in total sync.

Gravity goes out of action for a while when the hero fights as everyone he hits is flying in the air and surrenders only with one blow! Moreover, the rowdies are the most disciplined people we will ever come across. They patiently wait for their turn to be hit by the hero. Also, the fight should contain some or the other stall/vehicle getting destroyed but the hero remains strong as  ever.

There are many more things which every Bollywood fan has come across like; remove mustache and the wife doesn’t recognize you; or no matter what you are, a farmer or an astronaut, if you are a hero you automatically know how to use a gun and get the girl!

Even though we all know the above mentioned facts, we still go and watch a Bollywood movie! Not because everything in it makes sense but instead, we watch it for entertainment! Imagine having a tiring day at your office or school and watching an illogical yet funny movie, it would relieve some stress for sure, rather than watching a logical movie like Baby(Bollywood) or Interstellar(Hollywood)!   In short, at times, we all need illogical stuff. It’s only then we will learn to appreciate logic.

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