1. Using the word ‘chutzpah’  like it’s legit

2. Claiming themselves to be avid book readers, even though they have only read books by authors such as Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi.

3. Hookah or any smoke for that matter even cannabis. Using the term YOLO (You Live Only Once) as a justification for for smoking, boozing, partying, etc.

4. Using the term “bucks” instead of “Rupees” when dealing money

5. Quotations as Picture Captions which need not be related to each other whatsoever. It can be a selfie  in a washroom with a quotation from Einstein
I mean whaaaaat?!!

6. Facebook Check-ins for every place they go!

7. Watching TV shows dominantly american  (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory -this stuff is like centuries old but people still watch it) and terrible Indian ones like  Splitsvilla and Bigboss. That’s the reason aliens don’t visit our planet. Thank God Roadies is out of the league!


8. Modi wave (I bet half of those who support Modi can’t name his constituency, leave that they don’t even know the full form of NDA)



9.  typ lyk dis as if it’s cool (by the way it’s definitely not)

10. Hating Justin Bieber for the reason they even don’t know.gtv8f


11. Photography Pages on Facebook owned by every person who owns a DSLR.

12. Nolan fever (yeah the same Christopher Nolan from Batman series, Inception and Interstellar) – behaving as if they know everything about Nolan and his movies and if someone doesn’t like his movies; Nolanites start abusing them because Nolan is God.

13. Wearing a Che Guevara T-Shirt without having any idea of who he is and no idea that he was from Cuba

14. Listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh songs; these are the same people who think Pitbull is cool

 Source : Quora

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