Whether it be a bunny out of a hat or a flower from a stick, Magic has always fascinated us. This fascination of ours went on to become the reason for many magical tales. And one of those is the much beloved Harry Potter series .

You could be a follower of the boy who lived, or maybe a cult member for You-Know-Who, but one thing remains common for all: the love for magic, and this love for magic further develops into the love for wands. Now a real magical wand might not be completely plausible ( still hoping for one ), but making a prop is as easy as going to the nearby kirana shop (lol), so get ready, for this might not be Ollivander’s, but it can be just as good.


Materials Required

Uniform width sticks (I used paint brushes) long enough for the wand

m-seal – as required

Sand paper or Steel mesh

Paints and paint brushes.

If u have all of these, then lets get started.


STEP 1: The core

Select the stick that you will be using as the core of your wand. It should be of appropriate length. Clean it with sand paper and bring it down to a uniform layer.

Step-2: Modelling

Mix and prepare your m-seal epoxy putty and start modelling your wand. Here, I have decided to go with the elder wand.

I start shaping the m-seal like clay onto my core in my desired shape. Use a reference for this. Google is your god.

For the little dents just poke the m seal with a blunt pencil while it’s still soft.

Tip: It’s easier if u mark the stick for the desired positions of the elderberrys for the elder wand or for any other part of whatever wand you wish to make.


If you are making the elder wand, your finished product should be somewhat like this.


Step 3- Paint

Now once you are done with the modelling, let it dry and harden for about a day. Then on to the easy part. Get your art supplies together and get creative. I prefer acrylic paint as it’s much easier to handle but you can go with anything you prefer.

Start by getting a uniform white coat on the wand.

You can then go on to paint it however you like, just don’t paint it pink. Death would cry.

Add details to liven it up. Use a sharpie or just black paint.


The Final Look

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