Welcome to kMITRA, a monthly online magazine about all things KMIT and beyond. Far from being a regular college among many, KMIT has carved a niche for itself. As its students, we wanted to contribute to it while creating a certain something that we’d always be glad we were a part of.

That certain something is our all new e-magazine – kMITRA. The name is a nod to the college life that redefines friendship. We want kMITRA to be the beginning of something special. kMITRA caters to the interests of the sartorialists, the movie buffs, the tech gurus, the foodies and everybody else! We aim to make this a forum where transcendental thoughts are discussed and deliberated.

We hope that the effort we’ve put in, shows. We believe that when you’ve got something to tell, tell it uncanny. Tell it silly. Tell it remarkable. Tell it, a class apart.

Aditi Ghotikar,

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