My friend says he loves his shoes and loves travelling. Another said that he loves his mother. You love your shoes and you love your mother? Doesn’t the word love have any preponderance? The affection that we show towards our shoes and your mother are the same? Now, I shall have this point straight on my face saying that “It depends”. The word Love is the ultimate word for affection. A word which is the ultimate form of affection doesn’t depend on situations and circumstances that we define.

We’ve seen multitudinous movies, theories, and speeches on what this means. Something that still bewilders me is people hurting themselves in the name of love. On top of this, we’ve heard people say Love is something that very rarely happens, that it just happens like a miracle. Love isn’t something most of us don’t understand. Not to forget, love is a super colossal form of expressing affection.  Ignoring all this poppycock theories and assumptions here’s something that I think does make some sense.

As the sayings go and as people say, love is the preeminent word for a good feeling and hate is the preeminent word for a bad feeling. Let us assume two scales – A scale of good feeling and scale of bad feeling. Considering the bad feeling scale first - we have dislike which starts the scale followed by enmity, animosity, loathe, revenge and so on. At the end of the scale comes “Hate”. There isn’t a word above hate. The word hate being the worst form of dislike that someone could have towards someone. Considering the same we take in the good feeling scale.   Here, the scale starts with terms which do not have a reciprocation like care, kindness and like. The scale continues with gratitude, taste, lust and so on. The scale ends with Love. If love was ever the preeminent word of affection, isn’t it something that would never break. True?  But then, why are there deaths in the name of love?  If Love was ever the ultimate word for affection, then it is something that is indelible. There is only one impregnable relation and that is the relation between a mother and a child.

This is a relation that can never be mutilated or broken. The first time when you see light and the first time your mother sees you, the happiness that she experiences and the innocence with which you look at her…that is what true love is.  The love of a mother has no law and shows no pity. It shows you the right direction in life. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that which stands in its path. Point is relationships break. The relations that we have at a tender age where there’s more to life are something that would never last. But yes, exceptions do exist, and you can find the partner of your life at any point and stage. Still, the strongest of bonding that the two possess can never be greater than the love that your mother could ever reciprocate. If there is a word above love, then that shall be the tag of affection between a mother and a child. But if there isn't, then yes, love is something that can be defined only between your mother and you.

I’m sure some might have questions like – “Isn’t the relation between a father and a son love?” The relationship between a father and a son is a very great relation, but not something as great as the relation between a mother and a kid. A father is a security. The concept does change when the father takes the role of a mother. Then hell yes, the relation surely can be termed as love. But if both ever existed in a lad’s life, then yes, the relation for a mother is stronger than the father. The father’s relation is slightly below the relation of a mother.  If you are the food that has to be cooked - the mother is the utensil that holds you and your father is the flame that cooks you. You’d be meaningless without the utensil. You take the shape your mother carves you into. Her secret hope that you’d do something great, outlives every other thing.

But yes if there’s a word above love, then it is sacrifice. A soldier who faces the disastrous of circumstances and fights for the country is someone who proves that there is something above love. While we sit here trying to laze around, they leave the love of their lives and are in a state to give up their lives for someone they don’t even know. All that they have is their love for the nation. This is what true love and sacrifice is.

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