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Readers, July, a shift of the seasons towards the bluesy kind;  One best enjoyed at home, sipping on hot beverages – a joy compounded by the act of reading. “Read what?”, you ask. We have just the articles – with… Continue Reading →

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Victorious Viktor

If one were to think that the meaning of life, and the search for it thereof, could be discerned by reflection from print on parchment, one wouldn’t have to look any further than the works of Viktor Frankl. Viktor is… Continue Reading →

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Oscars: Foreign Film Nominees

Whilst this category of film nomination for the Oscars secures little attention, this year has been an exception. If you’ve read the papers you’ve probably come across the name of Asghar Farhadi, who is now the fourth foreign film director… Continue Reading →

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A Haiku-lean Task

Castle on the cliff – 1625, Brick for brick replaced – 1825, Castle true or crumbled anew? Life – A lesson on lease, Chinese whispers of wisdom, Echoes in an empty room. Love – what is it? A transaction of… Continue Reading →

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A 2017 To Look Forward To

2016, adieu! The Olympic year of 2016 has done more than its share of having you jump off of your couch. Be it Brexit, Trump, P.V.Sindhu’s silver, or your exam results. 2017 has a tough act to follow. But don’t… Continue Reading →

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Realm of the Mad God – A Review.

7 years ago, Alex Carobus and Bob Shillingsburg – founders of Wildshadow studios –  submitted a (then) little patch game to a (then) little contest  – The Independent Gaming Source’s Assemblee Competition. A game called, “Realm of the Mad God.”… Continue Reading →

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At its simplest – a wave, Otherwise, twisted and intricate. Sounds sealed in a stave, Music is rather quite great. The prodigy on the piano, The senhor on the sax. The vixen on her violin, And an acapella of canine… Continue Reading →

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You Beaver.

  You’re horizontal, To the magnetic fields, Corpse on the mantle, False alarm, broken shields. The fight is lost, Neural synapses dance, Victory is yours, Stories – left to chance. Confused by duality, Probability, statistics, Limiting unto infinity, Permuting antiques…. Continue Reading →

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A Crimson Horizon

If time were a conceivable form of the mortal anatomy, then Homer was one of the many bronchioles in her lungs. Homer breathed in the existence, emotion and entropy of the Greek Mythological Era. Sipping on strong black tea, and smoking herbs, Homer… Continue Reading →

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