Happy New Year Readers! The year, 2017 has ended. December is always an interesting month, the whole Christmas-New Year vibe is a joyous one, we tend to tick-mark all the resolutions we've managed to abide by and make a list of new ones for the following year. Plans for gym memberships are in full swing and  stores around the world are real with sale percentages. There are parties and other amazing events happening all across the globe right from Christmas Eve till the New Year's Eve. After all that's done, you, our dear readers come right back and expect to read some classic articles and we obviously don't disappoint.

First off, there is a brief review of how 2017 was through Anmol Jain's article entitled '2017 in review', we hope you'd relate. Next we move on to some humor by showcasing 10 meme's that made the world laugh in the article  'The Best Memes of 2017'  by Bharataa Chanda. Also we have Meeta Kapoor's funny take at a certain recipe in the article 'A Sarcastic Recipe' and Akshay Raje's take on Bollywood in 'Bollywood and Logic', we then move on towards a few reviews of books and TV shows and technology in the articles 'Without Merit-book review', 'The Crown: Season 2 review', 'Name of the wind: a review', 'Turtles book review', 'The C++ Standard'. This, my friends is not the end. We have interesting articles about the Voyager 2 satellite in the article titled 'Voyager2', a description of the fiery match between Real Madrid and Barcelona and its strong history in the article 'El Classico' by Abhay.

The New Year comes with new opportunities and new entrepreneurial endeavors to look forward to; 'An Entrepreneur in everyone' by Vaishnavi Pabboju addresses this topic. Then we move on to a few touching themes entitled 'Precarious Love', 'An Account of Sin', 'How are you?' and a gorgeous poem entitled 'Wonderland'.  There's something to learn about God in the article 'Infinite's hand on Infinity' by Pratish. We also have a beautiful read about a fantasy world in the story, 'A Journey of the land through Mythical Creatures', and finally we look at the first Indian festival of the New Year, Sankranti or Pongal, in 'Sankranti – harvesting crops, yield and positivity'.

We wish you guys a healthy and prosperous 2018 and something great to look forward to!
Keep reading! Cheers!


Ashketh Tiwari and Shikha Gheyee.

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