What do you long for? What sort of a person are you? Are you  one who likes to experience something adventurous in life or  one who prefers monotony? Do you feel like making the most of your life? If the answer is yes, then you should probably visit a place called “The island of dolls” which is one of the most frightening places on earth. This island is a perfect epitome of mystery and a gruesome place for a day off. An island wreathed with spooky dolls dangling from the trees with decapitated heads, broken limbs, and  their dead eyes staring at you from half-empty sockets that gives anyone the feeling that they’re constantly being watched and make you feel insanely creeped out, this is not a nightmare or a fantasy land. This is a real place situated in the south of Mexico City. The mystery of this haunted island starts off  with a hermit,  name Don Julian Santana, who moved here  (a married man), because he  chose to live the rest of his life all alone. One morning, Julian saw a little girl’s corpse floating in the canal. A few days later he found a doll in the same spot and, and believing that it belonged to the girl, he hung it up on a tree. He began to hear footsteps in the night and the sounds of a woman wailing in the darkness after he hung the doll. Julian claimed that the first doll he hung up got possessed by the spirit of the deceased young girl, who began to torment him. So he started going around the island in search of dolls, hung them up on the trees to appease the spirit of the deceased girl. “At night”, he said, “they come alive. They  move their heads and whisper to each other. It’s very spooky, but I have gotten used to it.” A few years later, Julian was found dead in the same spot were the girl met her fate. People close to him stated that he was driven by an unseen force which compelled him to hang the dolls all over. Whether this dark encounter truly occurred is uncertain. Many believe he merely dreamt of the grisly scene. Soon after his death, this place became a very attractive tourist destination. Some tourists who visited this place claim that the dolls whisper and one must offer them a gift upon setting foot on the island, to appease their spirits. Hence the count of the number of dolls on the island is never ending. Well, if I stumbled across something like this it would be my worst nightmare ever. This place surely is worth a visit at least once in a life time. Honestly, if I had enough bucks to visit this place, I would hurriedly pack my bag  and head to this place straight away. And one day, I surely will, because for me, the more I travel, the more I live!

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