I adored the melodious voices and enthusiasm of dancers and singers on the KMIT evening. I was enthralled by the performance of my mates at the debate and various literary activities held at college. But I’d always longed for participating in a competition of my interest, to develop my skills further.

My pen ran out of its ink, leaving its random strokes everywhere. My paints dried up, waiting to fill up the right canvas. My paint brushes would no longer be softened by water for having  been unused for so long. The sharpener was no longer a tool I needed as my colour pencils were  never used much.

At that moment, I knew for sure, that it was time for a change. It was time to add colour to our monotonous engineering life, time to bring out the artist in everyone, time to paint the town red. Soon, I came across people who wished for the same; thanks to everyone for making our attempt successful.


I’ve tried writing a journal and was relatively successful at it, but being a visual person, I spent most of my time sketching or doodling things on almost any piece of paper I could get my hands on, and attached them to my journal. Slowly, I stopped maintaining a journal altogether and let my sketches take over most of the real estate in my journal. It was amazing…whatever came to my head, I sketched it into tangible form.

While flicking through that journal, I questioned  why there wasn’t any art event in college all these years and how  Kmitra didn’t have people regularly posting artwork. I thought we could probably use one event, maybe a small fix in a large pool of other activities, and so I approached Shweta Ma’am and asked her if we could do some sort of artwork for the magazine. And while  talks about KMIT Diwas were around, I proposed that we should have an art event or something related to it.

Soon, everything got finalized, and I happened  to find an amazing working partner, Meeta. We were also lucky to have our volunteers, for without them, I don’t think we could’ve done things as good.

We went to work.


Our love for art couldn’t stop us anymore, and both of us as writers for Kmitra, decided to gather more artists and flood the Art Gallery section of Kmitra after years of drought. We decided to organize an art event to reach out to all the artists in KMIT, and consequentially recruit few artists for Kmitra.

No sooner had we  known that the tin celebrations would be held, by organizing a day long fest, than we decided to grab the opportunity. We planned to conduct the art event at a larger scale; not only to recruit artists for Kmitra, but also to set up an Art Gallery on the 13th October, KMIT Diwas.

We put in our best efforts for the art event, we wanted to have a wide scope of categories to bring out the best in everyone. The categories included painting, sketching, doodling, best out of waste, collage making, Graffiti, sand art, Origami and sculpture making.

We thought there would be hardly anyone interested in art, little did we know that KMIT was filled with artists.  69 students and one faculty turned up for the event, each one came up with extra ordinary art work.

On 7th October, the art event was held from 3:30 onwards in FS-9 and FS-10. The day was Saturday and this fact added more to the number of participants;  who wouldn’t want to bunk the last few hours on the last day of the week!

Initially, we had spent the week before, working on charts for the art gallery as we didn’t expect many participants for the art event and  didn’t want the art gallery to look blank. We did the same on the morning of 7th October.

The same place where we expected around 10-20 students , was lit up by 70 participants. An hour and half is all they took to play with colours and transform the plain white A3 ivory sheets into impressive masterpieces. The FS had never looked so colourful.

A participant used coffee and came up with an amazing artwork which was well liked by everyone and was later sold at a great price in the art gallery.


Soft drink bottles used as a vase for a beautiful rose made out of modified plastic spoons, a snow man out of a light bulb, a beautiful duck out of simple origami paper folds, this is just a glimpse of how creatively participants made the best out of waste.

A participant captured a galaxy scene onto the sheet using her spray paints, a few helping tools and mastered the graffiti artwork. Later, it turned out to be one among the highest bid artworks of the art gallery.

(one among the highest bid art works)

It was not just about colours, participants came up with amazing doodle arts and sketches which proved that black and white work looks appealing too.

Dusk hit the floor, we had no energy left to even walk. It started to pour heavily, and  we wound up the art event. 70 wonderful artworks and smiles on all faces. A perfect day indeed. We were eagerly waiting for KMIT Diwas to display these artworks in the art gallery.

We personally feel, art is always underrated. It takes hours and hours to come up with ideas and display  creativity but it just takes seconds to judge, the judgement being “I like it” or “It could have been better” and also, “Not something I like”. Now we’re not saying one has to praise each and every art form against your likelihood, we just want to make a point, that art, should be seen beyond judgement, artists could enjoy themselves by scribbling their hearts out whereas the onlookers could enjoy by relating to the artworks, maybe by finding peace by looking at it.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” and hence we have decided to come up with comics relatable to students to comfort the disturbed engineers and of course disturb the comfortable writers by bringing in a separate comic section and expand the art gallery section in the college e-magazine, Kmitra. Help us make it a success, send across your art work. Don’t   hesitate, you don’t have to be extraordinary artists, this is just a platform to learn and express. Hence, any contributions will be much appreciated.

(People at the art gallery )

 (Spectators throwing in a hand)

(Highest bid artwork of the art gallery)

The Art Gallery on the  KMIT Diwas was a big hit, hoping that the Art Gallery section of Kmitra will be a hit too.This is just our attempt to make art acceptable by people, hoping that all of you will support and join us. Thank you.





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