As once told by Terry Pratchett, the thing about football , rather the most important thing about football is that, it is not just about football. For me, football can be best termed as a feeling .The feeling which gives me a way to witness my inner self. It clearly isn’t just about a ball and 11 players aside. It’s about how we embrace it, as players.

I get to play football every day at my college. The bell strikes at 4:15 and we whisper to ourselves it’s “GAME TIME”. We get ready by wearing the colorful kits and then we anxiously get to wear our cleats. We imagine ourselves as the incarnations of our favorite players and enter into the battle field with a Do-or-Die spirit.



The teams are then formed and the match would begin. As an attacking midfielder, I play an important part in the play making. “Orchestrating the Attack” has always been my motto. By that I mean I always try to anticipate as much as possible and work out every move in such a way that the opposition cannot predict an onslaught.


As the referee walks with long strides, the players get drained of energy .But the thirst for victory from both the counterparts remains. The greatest of the shots are saved by the equally matched efforts from the goalkeeper. The player scoring the equalizing goal is considered a savior.



Football is and has always been an indispensable part of my life, infact it makes my life complete.

Vikram Adithya

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