I knew I had to look good. I had been waiting so long for this. Finally I have the opportunity to see Helen…..

For a vet working in Darrowby, looks are not the first priority. Generally, my patients are not really bothered about my fashion but today I need to impress Helen. Tristan was very excited about this. He came running to me when Helen Alderson called up and requested for special attention of Mr. Harriot for her dog.

“Oh! Mr. Herriot! Dan is in pain.”  Helen rushed to me as soon as I entered the hall. I knew she was really concerned but I couldn’t help noticing how pretty she looked even when she was worried. I felt even better that I could be the reason for her to be relieved. A part of me was a little happy that her dog was injured.

“Oh! Is it the hip bone I treated? Did he hurt it again?” I was sure that I had fixed his dislocated hip properly.

“I guess so. He is not standing up and has been whining since morning. Please come this way.”

I followed her into a small room. Dan was lying down and was whining. I could see that he was in immense pain. He raised his head when I came in but immediately went back to his whining.

Dan was a good dog. He didn’t mind me examining him. I ran my hand across the area I had treated earlier. And as I had guessed he had dislocated it again. But this time he seemed to be in more pain than the  last time.

“It’s his hip bone again. It is dislocated. But I don’t seem to understand why he is in such  immense pain. Anyway, I will go ahead with the procedure. Don’t worry, he will be fine in just a bit.”

As a vet, I am not very boastful. But today, I wanted to impress Helen. I assured her that I could easily treat Dan.

What seemed to bother me was that Dan was not even standing. The last time  Helen had got him, he was able to limp and was visibly in less pain.

I had to relocate his bone and for that I had to sedate him first. It is a very hard job controlling some animals while injecting  them, but from my previous experience with Dan, I knew it wouldn’t be a problem.

Dan saw me coming with the injection. As I approached him, I could see his expression changing. He started growling. I felt he was warning me. This was very strange. He didn’t mind the needle last time.

I was about to pierce him with the needle when he suddenly got up. He was holding up his hind leg and was growling. Carefully I extended my hand to inject him.

With all of his might he pounced on me. I was taken aback! Helen too, was shocked.

“Dan! What’s wrong with you? Dan, sit!” Helen was going towards him. He started growling at her too.

“Helen, don’t go near him! Let me handle him. I have experienced these kind of tantrums before.”

Slowly I started walking towards Dan. With every step I took, his growl got deeper and finally when I was a foot away, he attacked me again.

But unlike last time, he did not stop once I retreated. He started walking towards me, ready for the next attack.

Helen was very quiet. I knew she was scared.

Finally, Helen took a step towards the door.” I will get someone to help.”

I was following her towards the door when Dan  came limping towards me, with a loud bark. In a split of a second, I grabbed a chair to protect myself as a shield.

With a final loud bark, Dan threw himself onto me and bit my left hand. He held himself onto my hand and wouldn’t let go. I was screaming and so was Helen. With great effort, I could make him let go of my hand.

“The dog is mad! Ow! Oh my god! My hand is bleeding.”

Just as Dan was preparing for the next attack, I heard the door opening and in came four men. They were probably the farm workers. They were surprised to see the glorious view of an injured dog and a crying doctor.

Finally they went to Dan and held him down with all their might. He was howling to be set free.

Helen walked to me.”Mr. Herriot, are you okay? Oh my God, you are bleeding!”

I was in total shock. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t stopped crying. Embarrassed, I got up, wiped my tears, dusted myself and approached Dan. He was very angry.

“I have to sedate him or he will attack again!” With that I held the needle in the vein and looked down at the slowly sleeping dog.

“I might have to give him bit more. They have to be pretty deep to overcome the muscular resistance.”

Another cc and Dan was as limp as any rag doll.

Helen came with the first-aid kit and dressed my wound. After that she helped me with the relocation job.

As we came out of the room, Helen said,” I am so sorry Mr. Herriot! I have never seen Dan like this. He is usually friendly and was behaving perfectly the other day he met you.”

I was very embarrassed. I wanted to impress Helen. I wanted to show her that I was a very efficient and a cool doctor but I ended up looking like an idiot and even cried in front of her. I didn’t know what to say to her.

I just blurted out my goodbyes and left.

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