A short film festival in contrast to the regular film festivals, piles on the idea of the acronym “KISS” which stands for “keep it short and simple”. Myth has it that making a short film is easier than making a regular film, but in reality, one has to think out of the box while scripting it because the whole concept of the movie has to be elucidated in a time frame of minutes! The scriptwriter of a short film does not have the freedom of unbridled thought flow but is bounded by the shackles of time and the pressure of a perfect story line.
Complex much? Well, looks like even that degree of complexity failed to intimidate the KMITians who not only produced their own short films, but also belied the expectations of the faculty and the students sitting in the auditorium.
Held on the 7th of February this year, the short film festival received a good response with the auditorium stacked with eager faces, waiting to witness the “one of a kind” KMIT short film festival, featuring six short films in total.
The event kick-started with the kMITRA team’s advertisement of the college’s very own magazine “kMITRA” whose motto was expounded in the  a five minute advertisement. To add a touch of vanity, the members of kMITRA were seen wearing their signature kMITRA t-shirts – a moment of pride indeed when they were formally introduced to the audience as the “kMITRA team”.

The second short film featured was “Blind story”, a national award winning film shot by Akash Dhote. This movie goes out to those, who will never have the opportunity to see the world with their eyes. It left me teary eyed by the end of four minutes and forty-four seconds, such was the poignancy of the movie.

The third short film featured was “Swatch Bharat” shot by Ponnam Rahul. It talked about the importance of “Swatch Bharat” which Gandhiji had staunchly believed in. With the message blatantly evident, this film, on the whole was a five minutes well spent.

The next short film “Random Act of Kindness” by Nvas Shanmukha instilled in us the belief that there still exist some people in today’s society who invest in “random act of kindness” and believe that “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”. Kudos to Nvas Shanmukha for casting actors of this generation, because most of our generation has a notion that “random act of kindness” etc..is all “old-school” and too “main-stream”.

To lighten the sentimental overdose, a light hearted Pixar movie “Partly Cloudy” was played. This five minute film is a delightful roller coaster of emotions!
The last but not the least, was an animation film titled “Being grounded” produced by Praharshita Krishna. Though the animation seemed to be in its rudimentary stages, the efforts put into the making were sincerely appreciated because the concept and style together was unique and unprecedented. Going the Pixar way, I guess!

Every short film in the festival was a unique affair without any repetitiveness or “run of the mill” concepts. The event ended with a euphony of applause filling the “crowded” auditorium and a cheerful chatter of the faculty and students marking the success of this event. Looking at the response and the talent aboard KMIT, we should definitely look forward to another short film festival in the coming times.

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